Record 6.74 crore tourists from across the country and world came to visit Bihar, Rajgir overtakes Bodh Gaya in hosting

Patna. There has been a record increase in the number of tourists in Bihar. A record 6.74 crore tourists have come to Bihar till October this year, of which 6.70 crore are domestic and 3.62 lakh foreign tourists. This is being revealed by the data released by the Tourism Department. According to the data released by the department, a total of 6.70 crore tourists reached the state between January and October this year. This is three times more than last year’s number of foreign tourists. Let us tell you that in the year 2022, only 86 thousand 829 foreign tourists came to visit Bihar.

Rajgir is at the forefront

Rajgir has become the most favorite place for tourists in Bihar. Every second tourist visiting Bihar visits Rajgir in Nalanda district. This is being revealed from the figures of the Tourism Department. According to the data released by the department, more than 3 crore 24 lakh tourists visited Rajgir between January and September this year. From this you can easily imagine how much the tourists coming to Bihar like the location of Rajgir. An increase in the number of tourists was also recorded due to the Malmas fair in Rajgir.

Gaya and Vaishali are especially liked by tourists

Talking about domestic tourists, they liked Patna the most after Rajgir. After Rajgir, maximum number of 57 lakh 14 thousand domestic tourists visited Patna. Gaya, Bodhgaya and Vaishali became the favorites of foreign tourists. Till September this year, 58 thousand foreign tourists visited Gaya, 48 thousand 770 visited Vaishali, while 43 thousand 521 foreign tourists visited Bodh Gaya. In such a situation, the second destination of tourists has become Bodh Gaya, where 1.59 crore came. There is a huge gap between the tourists coming to Rajgir and Gaya, but if we talk about foreign tourists, then their favorite tourist places are Gaya and Bodhgaya. Where 60 and 50 thousand foreign tourists came to visit respectively.

Government is trying to attract foreign tourists

The government is continuously making efforts to increase the number of foreign tourists in Bihar. Recently, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister cum Tourism Minister Tejashwi Prasad Yadav had gone to Japan. There he met Japanese tour operators and urged them to increase the number of Japanese tourists coming to Bihar. It is noteworthy that among the foreign tourists coming to Bihar, the largest number are Japanese tourists. Whereas the Secretary of the Department, Abhay Kumar Singh visited Britain with his entire team. Helicopter service has also been started for visiting Buddhist tourist places.

Tourists coming in the last five years

year domestic foreign total

  • 2023(October) 6.70 crore 3.62 lakh 6.74 crore

  • 2022 2.53 crore 86829 2.54 crore

  • 2021 25.02 lakh 1046 25..51 lakh

  • 2020 56.44 lakh 3.08 lakh 59.44 lakh

  • 2019 3.39 crore 10.93 lakh 3.49 crore

What do the figures say?

Among the tourists visiting major tourist centres, 3.24 crore domestic tourists arrived in Rajgir, while 37,797 foreign tourists arrived. Whereas 57.14 lakh domestic tourists and 6,842 foreign tourists came to visit the capital Patna. 12.82 lakh domestic and 43,521 foreign tourists came to Bodh Gaya. Whereas 10.91 lakh domestic and 259 foreign tourists came to Muzaffarpur. At the same time, 9.07 lakh domestic and 35,040 foreign tourists came to Nalanda. Similarly, 7.38 lakh domestic and 58,007 foreign tourists arrived in Gaya. At the same time, 3.52 lakh domestic and 48,770 foreign tourists came to visit Vaishali. With this, 5.55 lakh domestic and 774 foreign citizens arrived in Banka.

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