Ranchi’s traffic system will improve in the new year, will soon get the gift of four roads and one ROB

Ranchi: In the new year (year 2024), the residents of the capital are going to get the gift of four roads and one ROB. These plans are about to be completed, upon which traffic will start fully. It is being claimed that all these schemes will be made by March. This will improve the traffic system of Ranchi. The plan of four lane road from Vikas to Rampur is of NHAI, while the work of other four schemes is being done by Road Division, Ranchi.

Traffic will start on these roads

Four lane road from Vikas to Rampur:

The work on this road is almost complete. Bridges have been constructed near Tatisilwe and Namkum. Approach road work is currently going on near TTsilve. Altar work has also been done on the road. Work is being done with the aim of starting full traffic on the road by the end of March. There are still problems at some places. When entering from Rampur side, there is a tree in the middle of the road and a flag is stuck. Construction has not been done there yet. This work is being done by NHAI.

From Vikas to Durga Soren Chowk:

A four-lane road is being constructed by the Road Construction Department from Vikas to Durga Soren Chowk via Kantatoli. A target has been set to complete this also by March. It is expected that it will be made four lane before March, so that the vehicles can operate uninterrupted.

From Birsa Chowk to Dhurva Roundabout:

The said road is being fourlane. At the same time, footpath is also being built on the banks. Its work has also progressed a lot. A target has been set to complete it in the new year.

Ranchi Railway Station:

Another alternative road is being built for Ranchi Railway Station. A bridge has been constructed for this. The road is being made four lane. It will be made operational by February in the new year. In this way, people will now be able to reach Ranchi Railway Station from Nepal House through this route. They will not have to come to overbridge and station road.

Nayasarai ROB

Nayasarai Rail Overbridge (ROB) is under construction. An approach road is being built for this. All its obstacles have been removed. The land problem has also been resolved. The water supply pipeline has also been shifted. In such a situation, now its work is nearing completion. It will be made operational by February-March.

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