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Ranchi: Doctor called family members to Sadar Hospital on complaint of leg pain, child died

Ali Khan (15), a resident of Alinagar of Ward-16, Karbala Chowk, had broken leg. He was first admitted to Sadar Hospital and later to a private hospital for surgery. Suddenly his health deteriorated at 1:00 am on Sunday night, so he was hurriedly referred to RIMS, where he died at 5:20 am on Monday. The post-mortem of the dead body was done in RIMS itself.

According to relatives, Ali Khan had fallen while playing at his grandmother’s house in Chanho. There was a lot of pain below the knee. The family took him to the emergency of Sadar Hospital at 1:00 pm on 20th July. After bandaging, Dr. S. Ali, the orthopedic surgeon on duty, said that leg surgery would have to be done. But the doctor did not give time for the surgery at Sadar Hospital and asked him to come to his residential clinic at Hindpiri.

Dr. S. Ali, after seeing Kishore in his clinic, asked him to be admitted to Vinayaka Hospital Research Center in Namkum for surgery. Ali was admitted there. The family alleges that during the surgery, the anesthetic Dr. Raman gave an overdose of anesthesia, due to which the child could not regain consciousness after the operation. The child was referred to RIMS in critical condition on Sunday night itself. The family has demanded a high-level inquiry into the matter. When an attempt was made to talk to Dr. Chandan Kumar, CMO of Vinayaka Hospital, Namkum, on this issue, he did not respond. Till late evening, the relatives were trying to lodge a complaint in the police station.

Monday is my OT day. But there were already four operations fixed. The relatives wanted immediate treatment. Under their pressure, the child was admitted to a private hospital. Not an overdose of anesthesia, possibly the child’s health deteriorated due to rare anesthesia shock.

dr s ali, orthopedic surgeon sadar hospital

The operation was to take place on Saturday. After giving anesthesia, the child’s condition deteriorated, so the operation was postponed. The same process was repeated again in the operation theater on Sunday, in which the child’s health deteriorated due to drug overdose.

Mohd Shamshad, uncle of the dead child


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