RamLala: This jeweler of Lucknow has made Ramlala’s jewellery, who made the clothes, know what is special

Ayodhya: The amazing supernatural form of Ramlala seated in the temple has emerged. There are special clothes and ornaments on their body. Due to which his aura has become more brighter. The devotees are emotional after seeing this form of Ramlala. Every devotee wants to look at him with wide eyes. Lord Shri Ramlala ji is seated in his great palace adorned with divine ornaments and clothes.

According to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, these divine ornaments of Ramlala have been made after research and study of Adhyatma Ramayana, Shrimadvalmiki Ramayana, Shri Ramcharimanas and Aalavandar Stotra and according to the scripture-based beauty of Shri Ram described in them.

According to the research, under the concept and direction of Yatindra Mishra, this jewelery has been manufactured by Ankur Anand’s organization Harsahaymal Shyamlal Jewellers. This institute is from Lucknow. Apart from this, the Lord is adorned in yellow colored dhoti of Banarasi cloth and red colored patuka/angavastram. These clothes have been worked with pure gold zari and wires. In which Vaishnav auspicious symbols – conch, padma, chakra and peacock are inscribed. These clothes have been made by Delhi’s textile designer Manish Tripathi while living in Ayodhya Dham.

Shri Ramlala’s jewelery

I am wearing this jewelery

  • crown on head-It is made of gold as per North Indian tradition. It is embellished with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Lord Surya is imprinted right in the middle of the crown. Strings of pearls have been strung on the right side of the crown.

  • coil-The Lord’s ear ornaments have been made in the same design as the crown or diadem. In which peacock figures are made. It is also adorned with gold, rubies and emeralds.

  • Throat– The neck is adorned with a necklace studded with crescent-shaped gems. In which flowers are offered to mark the auspicious occasion of Mars. Sun God is made in the middle. This necklace made of gold is studded with diamonds, rubies and emeralds. Emerald strings have been placed below the neck.

Shri Ramlala’s jewelery
Shri Ramlala’s jewelery

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