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Ram Navami was started in 1953

Kudu’s Ram Navami in the window of memories

File photo. Youth playing tasha and band in the tableau procession taken out on the occasion of Ram Navami

Kudu. Ram Navami has a glorious history in Kudu. Ramnavmi was first started in Kudu in the year 1953 by worshiping the Mahabiri flag at Hanuman Sangh Ramnagar Dhobi Tola on the occasion of Ramnavmi. In the initial period, the then youth and present elders of the village started the Ram Navami festival by burning tires and playing tinkas. Village elders Late Kuleshwar Baitha, Late Kuldeep Baitha, Late Dheerju Baitha, Late Harishchandra Baitha, Late Mahabir Ram, including Arjun Baitha, Barun Baitha, Puran Baitha and others, while meeting a week before Ram Navami in the year 1953, organized the Mahabiri flag worship. decision made. It was decided that on the day of Ram Navami, puja would be performed near the Chapanal bamboo bush in the morning. Four days before this, cleanliness was carried out near Teligadha and in the evening the people of the village were called by burning tires and playing tinkas. The youth of the village had cut bamboo sticks and brought them to the village, which they used to showcase their stunts under the tire light. Tines were played to encourage the players. A day before Ram Navami, a donation was made in the village and with the money of that donation, Mahabiri flag was purchased along with gram and jaggery. The priest worshiped the Mahabiri flag and bamboo sticks with rituals near the bamboo bush. For ten years, the players performed their tricks near Teligadha by playing tinnas under tire light. Petromax and Dholak came in the year 1963. In the light of Petromax, players started being encouraged with Dholak and Manjira. In the year 1965, a meeting of the intelligentsia of Kudu urban area was held. It was decided in the meeting that on the occasion of Ram Navami, a procession and fair would be organized in Kudu urban area. But for some reason the procession was not taken out on the day of Ram Navami. In the year 1966, for the first time, a mass meeting of Hanuman Sangh, Ramnagar Dhobi Tola, Bajrang Dal Bazartand and other Akharas of Kudu urban area was held at Birla Bhawan. It was decided in the meeting that on the occasion of Ram Navami, a fair would be organized in Beltand after taking out a procession and touring the urban area. In the year 1966, on the day of Ram Navami, a procession was taken out from Hanuman Sangh Ramnagar Dhobi Tola at 3 pm with Dholak and Manjira. The procession reached near the police station via the bus stand, where after meeting Bajrang Dal Akhara Bazartand and others, the procession reached Bel Tand in Chandwa Road. The Mahabiri flags of all the Akharas participating in the procession reached Beltand where all the villagers carrying the Mahabiri flag were welcomed by washing their feet. After this, the participants of all the Akhara demonstrated their ka with sticks, bana, axe, sword and other traditional weapons. The fair continued from 4 pm to 6 pm, after which the fair ended before sunset and darkness. On the occasion of Ram Navami, Hanuman Sangh Ramnagar Dhobi Tola in Kudu had started the program of Mahabiri flag worship by burning tires and playing tinnas.


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