Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: Shri Ram’s city, temple and Ayodhya are shining like the sun, decorated with flowers, see photo.

Shri Ram Mandir

The entire Ayodhya Dham including the Ram temple complex has been decorated with flowers for the consecration of life. The Janmabhoomi place has been decorated with different types of indigenous and foreign flowers, while the Janmabhoomi Path, Ram Path, Dharam Path and Lata Chowk are also decorated with beautiful flowers.

Preparations for consecration of Shri Ram Temple

It feels like heaven in Ayodhya. Along with this, preparations have also been made for the festival of lights with one million lamps in Ayodhya after sunset. Deepotsav will be celebrated all over the country and the world. PM Modi and CM Yogi have urged the countrymen to light 5 lamps after sunset.

Shri Ram Temple illuminated with colorful lights

The Veena installed at Lata Chowk has also been illuminated with a wonderful combination of lighting and flowers. Different chapters related to the biography of Lord Shri Ram have been depicted through mural painting and wall painting throughout Ayodhya Dham.

Shri Ram Temple shining like the sun

The capital and temple of Suryavansh is shining like the sun. Ram Sankirtan and Ram Charit Manas are being recited in temples across the country including Ayodhya Dham.

Shri Ram Mandir

In Ayodhya decorated with flowers, the supernatural aura of the Janmabhoomi Path, Ram Path, Bhakti Path and Dharma Path has further enhanced. Through cultural dance and musical instruments, traditions and arts of the state as well as the entire country are being combined at various places.

Shri Ram Mandir Sanctum Sanctorum

Bhajans of Lord Ram are echoing everywhere. It seems as if the entire heaven has come down to earth to greet Raghunandan.

Shri Ram Mandir Main Hall

Along with Saryu Aarti, cultural programs along with laser show are awakening the religious spirit in Ram Ki Paidi. There is no place in Ayodhya Dham which has not been illuminated with flowers or LED lighting.

Dome of Shri Ram Mandir Main Hall

Various highways leading to Ayodhya are also decorated with flowers and lights. It feels like heaven in Ayodhya.

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