Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: After Pran Pratishtha, CM Yogi said – No words to express this happiness

Ayodhya: After the consecration of Shri Ramlala, CM Yogi Adityanath addressed the dignitaries present in the temple premises. He started his address with Ramlala Bhagwan ki Jai, Bharat Mata ki Jai and Jai Jai Sitaram. He said that many congratulations to everyone for the presence of Ramlala in the divine and navy Ayodhya Dham.

CM said that today, after a long wait of 500 years, on this awaited occasion, there are such feelings in the heart which I cannot find words to express. The mind is emotional, overwhelmed with emotions, overwhelmed with emotions. You all must be feeling the same way.

CM Yogi said that every city and village of India is Ayodhya Dham. Every route is coming towards Ramjanmabhoomi. There is name of Ram in every mind, every eye is wet with tears of joy and satisfaction. Every tongue is chanting Ram Ram. Ram is roaming in Rome. The whole nation is happy with Ram. It seems that we have arrived in Tretayuga.

He said that today Raghunandan Raghav Ramlala is sitting on the throne as a resolution filled with the feelings of our heart. There is happiness, pride and feelings of satisfaction in the heart of every Ram devotee. After all, India was waiting for this day. Almost five centuries have passed in waiting for this emotional day.

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