Railways gave big relief to the migrants, even after Chhath, puja special will run every day from Saharsa, know how to get information.

Sarhasa. After the end of Chhath Mahaparva, a festival special train will run daily from Saharsa Junction to Jamshedpur every day. After the end of Chhath, Principal Chief Commercial Manager of East Central Railway Shiv Kumar Prasad had reached Saharsa Junction on Thursday regarding security operations and passenger convenience. After this, a departmental review was conducted for about an hour in the Station Superintendent’s office with officials of all concerned departments regarding security operations and commerce and guidelines were issued. Senior DCM Chandrashekhar Prasad of Samastipur division was also present. After the departmental review, the Principal Chief Commercial Manager inspected Saharsa Junction along with officials of the concerned departments. Apart from Chief Commercial Manager FM Amitabh Prabhakar, DCI of Samastipur Division Rajesh Ranjan Srivastava, Station Superintendent Manoj Kumar, Dinesh Kumar, RPF Inspector Vandana Kumari, TI Kishore Kumar Gupta and many other officers of the concerned department were present.

Information about special train will be available from flexi seat

Principal Chief Commercial Manager told in the press conference that Saharsa Junction is an important station of Kosi area. This year many facilities will be increased for the passengers as compared to last year. After the end of Chhath festival from Saharsa Junction, the crowd of passengers will increase at the stations. In such a situation, after the end of Chhath, festival special will be run from Saharsa Junction every day. Which will be monitored by the Senior DCM of Samastipur Division. At the same time, passengers will be able to get information about the festival special train through flexi seat.

Special instructions to increase passenger convenience

The Principal Chief Commercial Manager has issued special instructions to all the concerned departments regarding the festival of Chhath. Instructions have been given to set up a camp in the holding area and provide health facilities, water and seating facilities.

Many festival specials will open from the division

Principal Chief Commercial Manager said that till now the train is being run from the second division due to Chhath festival. After the end of Chhath festival, many trains will run daily from Samastipur division. In which there will be a special train from Saharsa Junction to Delhi Punjab every day. In view of the crowd, instructions have also been issued to the concerned departments to open additional ticket counters.

Ambulance will be arranged at the station

The Principal Chief Commercial Manager has asked officials of all concerned departments to coordinate with the district administration. After coordination with the district administration, arrangements for ambulance will also be made at Saharsa Junction. So that in case of any untoward incident, the passengers can get proper treatment immediately.

Ticket checking investigation in many trains

Under the leadership of Senior DCM Chandrashekhar Prasad of Samastipur Division, an intensive ticket checking campaign was conducted from Samastipur to Saharsa. Which includes many trains including Janaki Express, Garib Rath Express, Hatay Bazaar Express, Intercity Express.

First Aid Center at Musafirkhana

For the convenience of passengers, a first aid center has been opened at Musafirkhana of Saharsa Junction. Due to Chhath festival, a lot of crowd is being seen in the trains of passengers coming to Saharsa from other states. In view of the rush of passengers, Railways has opened a first aid center at Saharsa Junction. So that first aid can be provided in case of any untoward incident. Along with the team of Railway Health Department, other employees have also been deployed at the centre.

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