Radha Ashtami 2023: " Congratulations Barsane Kunwar Kishori took birth "Radhaji’s principal friend will be born on 21st, congratulations will come

Mathura News: Before Radhashtami, Lalitaju’s birth anniversary will be held in Barsana and Unchagaon on 21st September. Radhajanam greetings will come from Nandgaon on 22nd. Radhashtami will be organized on 23rd. Budhi Leela events will start from 24th. On Radhashtami, on 21st September (Thursday), the birth anniversary of Radharani’s dear friend Lalitaju will be held in Unchagaon at 12 noon. Its events will also be held in Ashtasakhi Temple and Shreeji Temple. In the evening, Nandgaon residents will come from Nandgaon on behalf of Nand Baba to congratulate Maharaj Vrishabhanju on the occasion of Radhajanam. After Shayan Darshan, Banshee Chori Leela will be organized in the temple at night. Maan Savasin, Nain, Dai posts will be organized on 23rd September from 2.30 pm. After that, Radhaji’s birth anniversary will be celebrated as per Vedic customs at 4.30 in the morning.

Will have darshan of Shreeji in his golden cradle

From 10 am onwards, there will be Vrishbhanotsav and darshan of Shriji in his golden cradle. During this time, the people of Barsana and Nandgaon will sing the verses of Badhaai and Dhadhin. Radha’s dola will be taken out from the temple at five in the evening. From September 24, the celebrations of Budhi Leela will begin in the forests and surrounding villages. In this, Mayur Leela will be held on Morkuti on 24th September and Ras Leela will be held in Gahwar Van in the evening. There will be Rasvilas Leela, Jhula Leela, Shankar Leela at Vilasgarh on 25th September. On 26th September, Makhan Chori Leela in the Kunj of Barsana in the morning, Choti Bandhan Leela in Sankari Gali in the afternoon, Donga Leela in Prem Sarovar of Ghazipur, on 27th September, marriage celebration of Lalitaju with Shri Krishna in Unchagaon, Donga Leela in Priyakund in the evening. Will happen.

Chhati festival of Radharani on the morning of 28th September

Chhati festival of Radharani will be organized on the morning of 28th September. In this, there will be Chhati puja and congratulatory singing in Sudama Chowk Vrishabhanju temple. There will be a charity event at Sankari Khor at 10 o’clock. There will be a wrestling match in the afternoon. On September 29, there will be a hair straightening ceremony at Kadam Khandi, the place of worship of Nagaji. Maharas Leela will be held in Karhala on 30th September. The main event of Radhashtami will be held in Shreeji temple. Apart from this, events will also be held in Vrishabhanju Temple, Jaipur Temple, Dangarh, Mangadh, Vilasgarh, Gopalji Temple, Shyamashyam Temple. For this, devotees have made bookings in hotels, dharamshalas and ashrams a month in advance. Devotees have started coming here.

Phoolbungalow and Chhappan Bhog program started

Radhaji’s temple situated in Barsana is becoming famous. Programs are being organized several days before the birth anniversary of beloved Radharani. From Tuesday, singing of blessings and greetings has started in the temple, which has become the center of attraction for the devotees. Electrical decorations have been done for the Radhashtami festival at the Shreeji temple situated on Brahmagiri mountain. Phoolbungalow and Chhappan Bhog programs have started in the temple. Mangal singing is being done by Goswami Samaj from 4 am in the morning. Today congratulations to Barsana, Kunwar Kishori took birth, all the people are happy and congratulations to Shri Vrishabhan today, Anand Nidhi, Shobha Nidhi Sukh Nidhi Kirat Kanya Jai. Prabullit male and female showered congratulations from house to house. Devotees are happy after listening to the verses. Everyone is forced to dance to their tunes.

Every day in the evening greetings are being sung in the temple courtyard.

Every day in the evening greetings are being sung in the temple courtyard. From 2:30 in the night on 20th September, there was a big Mars, which continued till 6 in the morning. Chief Rambharose Goswami, Sumit Shrotriya, Saurabh Goswami, Umashankar Goswami, Tulsi Goswami, Bhola Goswami, Sushil Goswami, Minister Goswami, Govinda Goswami, Danbihari Goswami, Ballu Goswami, Vishnu Goswami, Madan Lal Goswami, Bhagwandas Goswami, Ramesh Goswami, Anurag in congratulatory singing. Shrotriya, Ramesh Goswam etc. participated.

Devotees were happy after seeing Lilhari Leela.

There was a lot of congratulatory singing of Radha Ashtami all around in Barsana, while in a marriage home, the raaslilas of Shankar Mishra’s troupe remained the center of attraction for the devotees. The devotees were overwhelmed with emotion after seeing the staging of Lilhari Leela last night. Nandlal became Lilhari in Leela and Kanhaiya roams in the streets of Barsana singing the voice of Leela Gudwa Leo Pyari. Just then Lilharin hears the voice of Shyama Sakhi, Radharani. So she immediately calls Lalitaji for Lilharin. Friends reach Shreeji with Lilharin. Then Radhaji asks him, what is your name and where have you come from.

…there is no such good litharin in Nandgaon

On this Lilharin says that her village is Nandgaon and her name is Shamri Lilharin. Radhaji says that there is no such good Litharina in Nandgaon who can do a good job. Nandlal, who became a Lilharin, says, O Shyamaju, if you see Leela tattooed, then you will know how good a Lilharin I am. While tattooing Leela, Lilharin’s friends recognize her and she says, O Shyama, this is not a friend, he is Nand’s son. Then Radhaji asks Kanha why he made this disguise, then Shri Krishna says that he made this disguise to meet you. Then Shyamji hugs him. Devotees stood up singing Ladli Lal’s praises.

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