Purnia: City residents falling ill after drinking bottled water

  • City residents falling ill after drinking contaminated water from canned bottles in Purnia
  • Only six packaged water plants have licenses in the district, dozens are operating
  • No initiative to ban non-standard water plants and packaged water bottles

Purnia: Today, amidst the challenges of pure drinking water, the use of bottled and canned water has become an important part of our everyday life. But no one can guarantee to what extent this water is suitable for health because the business of non-standard water is flourishing in the district. It is said that water is life, but if the chances of people falling sick increases after drinking water, then it is quite dangerous. In Purnia, the concerned department does not know how many water plants running in the district have licenses. It is no less than an irony that there is not even the slightest initiative to check the standards. The situation is such that in Purnia, city residents are falling ill after drinking contaminated water from non-standard packaged bottles. According to doctors, anyone can face many health problems due to contaminated food. Nowadays people have also started using different types of equipment for pure water. Drinking water has been available in the markets in bottles and canned jars for a long time. Especially in summer, many people are engaged in the supply of cool and soft water. This type of business is being run in almost every area. If seen, more than a dozen water plants are being run in urban areas while packaged bottled water is being sold at every paan shop. Bottled, canned, jar and large tank vehicles can always be seen supplying water in the markets. The business of packaged water has taken the form of an industry by setting up small units at many places.

Water industry, but no connection with the department
The interesting thing is that the Industries Department has no connection with this type of business or industry. Although the products manufactured by the Industries Department with a particular brand name are recognized with acceptance by many other departments, but they are big units for which business licenses are issued after determining various parameters. But there does not appear to be any guidelines regarding how to keep an eye on these unbranded bottles, jars and tank water.

Even PHED is not concerned
The Public Health Engineering Department, the government organization responsible for supplying pure drinking water to the common people, is also not empowered to take any action against those supplying such water. Chemical experts say that apart from the natural elements present in water, it is also important to identify its pH value, TDS and harmful components. Also, if groundwater is not maintained properly after extraction, it can become contaminated and cause harm to the human body. But the way in which this type of drinking water is being supplied to the common people in the district, there is nothing surprising if someone falls ill after drinking it.

Water is being supplied without brand
Bottled branded companies require certificates from many government departments for business and operation. These include FSSAI certificates including Labor Office, Industry Office, to obtain which the company is thoroughly examined on many scales. Only then are these certificates issued. But if sources are to be believed, there are many businessmen in the district who supply unbranded water indiscriminately. Whereas people are being cheated by changing the alphabets in names similar to big companies. Such products are sold especially near bus stands and railway stations etc. at low prices. Such people are flourishing in water business only by taking trade license from the Municipal Corporation and they have nothing to do with the quality, purity and health of the common people.

officials say

At present the Industries Department does not have any guidelines regarding the business of open jar water. But, for branded packaged water bottles it is mandatory to obtain a certificate from the department. There is also a provision for permission from the production unit, food inspection and labor office.

– Sanjeev Kumar, General Manager, Industries Department

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