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Priyanka Gandhi lashed out at BJP in Rajasthan, said- cannot ask for votes on the basis of work, read important points

  • Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi said on Monday that those who ask for votes in the name of religion or caste cannot ask for votes on the basis of their work. Along with this, he countered a comment of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that in Rajasthan all the leaders and workers of Congress have unitedly contested the elections whereas BJP is completely scattered here. Priyanka said this in election public meetings in Kekri and Jahazpur on Monday as part of the assembly election campaign.

  • Taking a dig at the main opposition party BJP in his first meeting, he said, “Most of the BJP leaders talk about religion and caste. So you will have to think why there is talk of religion and caste during elections? The leader who is talking like this at the time of elections and saying that vote on the basis of religion or caste, then it means that he cannot ask for votes on the basis of work.

  • He said, “Where there are BJP governments, their leaders think that they do not need to work because they do not come to seek votes on the basis of work. They come to ask for votes on the basis of religion. They think that we have to get votes. We will talk good things about religion, people will accept what we say, people’s emotions will connect with us… then what is the need to work? This has become a habit of BJP leaders.

  • He appealed to the people to vote with awareness and based on the work of the government. Prime Minister Modi had alleged in the election rally in Taranagar on Sunday that in Rajasthan, ‘five years of the Congress government were spent in ‘running out’ each other’. Those who are left are being ‘hit wicket’ by making false statements on women and other issues.

  • Countering this, Priyanka said that Modi’s words have no weight. He said, “All our leaders, all our workers are united and strong and have entered the battlefield. Rather they should see the condition of their BJP. His party is scattered. Hit Wicket belongs to the BJP in Rajasthan. Priyanka said, “He (Modi) is saying that we run each other out whereas Hit Wicket is his party. His party is completely scattered. They have sidelined their big leaders. No one knows who will become the Chief Minister if he becomes the Chief Minister.

  • Priyanka alleged that BJP’s policy is to benefit big industrialists and it does not think about the poor and the middle class. He said, “To pull from you and water the big industrialists. This is their policy.” While appealing to the people to make the party’s candidates victorious, the Congress leader warned that if the BJP government is formed in the state, it will stop all the public welfare schemes of the present Congress government. He also mentioned the ten guarantees being given by the Congress government. Comparing Congress-ruled Rajasthan and BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh in terms of employment, he said, “Here in Rajasthan, two lakh jobs were given in five years whereas there only 21 jobs were given in three and a half years.”

  • Referring to the welfare schemes of the Rajasthan government, the Congress leader appealed to the people, “Don’t stop what is happening in Rajasthan today.” Don’t stop the work that is going on today. Don’t stop the facilities you are getting today. If you vote for BJP, the same thing will happen to you which is happening to the people of Madhya Pradesh. You will be troubled, victimized and will not be heard anywhere.

  • He said, ‘We seek your votes on the basis of the work done by the Congress government in the last five years and the service it has provided to you.’ He said, ‘If you change the government today and if you bring in a BJP government, you are going to suffer a lot. In the last ten years you must have seen that the rich of the country are getting richer while the poor of the country are getting worse.

  • Attacking the BJP government at the Center for inflation, he said, ‘It was their responsibility to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel. It was their responsibility to stop the rising prices of cylinders. They did not do this. He said that the central government has increased inflation so much that the state government has to set up inflation relief camps. Targeting the Prime Minister on the issue of farmers, he said that the farmers continued agitating for almost a year, sitting on the streets, a minister’s son crushed the farmers but the Modi government did not listen to them. He said that the government does not have money for farmers but crores of rupees were spent on the new Parliament building.

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