Prasad of Chhath fast will reach from India-Pak border to Kanyakumari, you just have to do this small work

Himanshu Dev, Patna. The festival of Chhath is very special for the people of Bihar. This is the reason why everyone wants to participate in this great festival. People coming to Bihar from other states start getting their tickets confirmed months in advance. But, due to not getting leave or not getting train tickets, many people of Bihar are deprived of participating in Chhath. Flight fares are also skyrocketing these days. In such a situation, for the people who have not reached their homes, the state-run Facebook page has taken the responsibility of delivering Chhath Prasad to the people living in every corner of the country. Actually, the work of sending Mahaprasad of Chhath to the homes of people of Bihar and Purvanchal living in other states will be done through post and courier. The youth of the state are participating in this.

Chhath is related to the emotions of Biharis

Ankit, the director of the page, said that he has taken up the responsibility of delivering the Prasad along with the team. In fact, when we are at home, even if there is no festival, we get Prasad from the people in the neighbourhood. But, people living outside are left waiting for it. This is the reason why three years ago we decided to deliver Prasad to every house. Because, this great festival is also related to the emotions of us Biharis. Under this campaign, the work of sending Prasad was started. Let us tell you that last year, through Chhath festival page, messages for Prasad were received from more than 200 people living outside Bihar and Purvanchal. In which people of Bihar were living in other states including Uttarakhand, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka, Dadar Haveli, Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi. Prasad was sent to the people at their addresses through post and courier. This time Prasad will be made to about 500 people. For this, a WhatsApp number 7739293222 has been issued on social media. On which people can send their address.

I will also distribute among my soldiers

People of the team say that army soldier Santosh, while sending the address, has written that he is a resident of Bihar. I am posted on India-Pakistan border. I am missing Chhath a lot. When the Prasad arrives, I will distribute it among my army personnel also. Also, many incidents and information related to the great festival of Bihar, Chhath, are shared on the page. There are many such videos on the page, which have been viewed by more than 10 lakh people. Many folk singers also come live on this page with Chhath songs. Apart from the country, people from many countries including America, England, Africa, China, Muscat, Oman, Japan, Dubai, Nepal, Bangladesh are connected on the page. From where he also sends photos and videos of Chhath Puja. Which includes Amit Kumar Sachin, Neha Nupur, Sachin Kumar, Anupam Raj, Rahul Gupta, Ravish Kumar, Akanksha Vaibhav.

Demand for national status for Chhath

The motto of creating the page is to connect Chhath festival with Biharis, who live outside Bihar. Many times they do not get a chance to attend the festival. Therefore, it is very important to give national identity to Chhath festival. This time, exams of many students of Bihar are on the day of Chhath, who are missing Chhat a lot. In such a situation, if Chhath was included in the national festival, then the exam would not have taken place. Those who are outside Bihar and are not able to come home during Chhath, they should remain connected with the Chhath festival. During Chhath, pictures will be posted from every corner of Bihar. People from outside Bihar are also joining this page. The importance of Chhath of Bihar is also being told to such people through the page. Its glimpse is also visible on the page. The Bihari spirit of brotherhood is also visible in the comment box of the page, but this festival should get national status.

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