Police will keep special vigil on sensitive places of Ranchi during Durga Puja, electricians will be deployed in pandals

Ranchi: SSP Chandan Sinha has given instructions in the crime meeting to keep a special eye on the sensitive and hypersensitive places of the capital during Durga Puja, Ravana Dahan and immersion. SSP has asked to make special security arrangements in such places. He took information from all the DSPs, Inspectors and police station in-charges of the district regarding the need for security forces. The SSP has also instructed the police station in-charges to collect information about CCTV cameras and fire fighting arrangements in the puja pandals. City SP Rajkumar Mehta, Rural SP Manish Toppo, all DSPs, Inspectors and police station in-charges were present in the crime meeting.

Run a special campaign to clean the city

In view of Durga Puja, a special campaign will be run to clean the cities. The Urban Development Department has given instructions to all municipal bodies regarding this. The civic bodies have been asked to plan and work on cleaning the cities during the puja. Special instructions have been given not to allow filth to remain around puja pandals. It has also been asked to properly clean the roads leading to puja pandals and fill the potholes.

Electricians will be deployed in pandals during puja

Ranchi. Special arrangements are being made regarding electricity system in puja pandals. To provide 24 hours electricity to the pandals and to deal with emergency situations, electrical workers are being deputed to the places of worship. For this, instructions have been given to set up control rooms at various places. So that, any emergency can be dealt with. Employees will be in direct contact with electricity officials and power substations through the main control room.

Those organizing plastic free and zero waste celebrations will be honored

Single use in state cities PlaThe state government will honor those organizing stick free and zero waste celebrations. The scheme has been started on the initiative of the Government of India to make the social or cultural events held in all hotels, clubs, banquet halls, marriage halls and Dharamshala and other institutions and establishments in urban areas pollution free. Puja pandals are also being rewarded for organizing plastic free and zero waste events. Common people organizing weddings or any kind of social, cultural and religious function or festival will also be honored for making the event single use plastic free and zero waste.

Effort to make all sections of society partners in cleanliness: Under Bharat Mission (Urban) 2.0, participation of all sections of the society is necessary to create a clean environment and maintain cleanliness. To achieve the goal, publicity and cleanliness based activities have to be done to ensure everyone’s participation and to include all sections of the society. The state government has directed all municipal bodies to encourage people to become plastic free and zero waste. The Urban Development Department has asked all Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils and Nagar Panchayats to spread awareness in this regard.

Municipal bodies will issue WhatsApp numbers and email IDs: Municipal bodies have been instructed to issue phone numbers, WhatsApp numbers and e-mail IDs of the concerned officials. Organizers of plastic free and zero waste celebrations will be able to stake claim for the honor by giving information on the above number or e-mail. The municipal body will honor the applicants after seeing the authenticity of their claims.

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