PM Modi will come to Mathura on 23rd, devotees will not be able to visit Banke Bihari at Devotthan for three days

Devotthan Ekadashi is on 23rd November in Mathura. During this time, lakhs of devotees plan in advance to circumambulate in Mathura Vrindavan. But this time his parikrama may be banned. This is because the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi can participate in the Brajraj Utsav being organized in Mathura. His program is proposed. Due to security reasons, there will be a ban on entry of devotees into the temple when they come to Vrindavan. Also, the devotees doing parikrama may have to face problems. Let us tell you that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to Mathura before also. But Prime Minister Modi will visit Thakur Banke Bihari for the first time. Earlier, he had come to attend the program organized at Akshay Patra Foundation on 12 February 2019. During this period he did not go to the temple. Earlier, on 22 October 2010, Modi had come to Vatshalya village to inaugurate the senior journalist Bhanu Pratap Shukla Martyr Museum. At that time he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will come to attend the Brajaraj Mahotsav being organized in Mathura. After this, Thakur can also go to see Banke Bihari.

Officials are busy making arrangements

Due to this possibility, top administrative and police officials are busy in security and cleanliness arrangements. The Prime Minister’s security team is also continuously visiting Mathura. Besides, the intelligence department is also on alert mode. However, no program for his visit to Vrindavan has been issued yet by the Prime Minister’s Office. But it is being told that the Prime Minister can stay in Mathura only at night. Let us tell you that Devotthan Ekadashi is on 23rd November. In such a situation, on Ekadashi, lakhs of devotees circumambulate the three forests of Mathura, Vrindavan and Chhatikara and circumambulate Vrindavan. During this parikrama, devotees visit Banke Bihari and complete the parikrama. Keeping in mind the security of the Prime Minister, the temple and its surrounding areas are being insulated with security. Parikrama may be stopped during the arrival of the PM for his safety. But in such a situation, problems can arise for the administration and police. Because if lakhs of devotees do not get the darshan of Aaradhya on a big festival of the year, it will hurt their faith also.

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