Players with ‘male puberty’ will not be able to play women’s cricket, ICC’s big decision regarding gender change

International Cricket Council (ICC) In a major policy decision, the International Cricket Council on Tuesday barred cricketers from competing in the international women’s game ‘Male Puberty’ (Physical/sexual changes that occur during adolescence in males). This also includes cases of surgery or gender change. The ICC said that it is taking this decision for the integrity of international women’s cricket and the safety of the players.

Big decision on gender change

The ICC said in a statement issued here, ‘The new policy is based on the following principles (in order of priority). The integrity, safety, fairness and inclusion of women’s sports. “This means that any male-to-female participant who has undergone any form of ‘male puberty’ will not be eligible to participate in international women’s sport, regardless of surgery or gender reassignment treatment.”

ICC’s medical board will decide

Gender reassignment and treatment has been a controversial topic of debate in world athletics for years. The ICC strengthened the gender eligibility rules for international women’s cricket, leaving the issue domestically in the hands of member boards. The ICC said, ‘This decision is based on a review led by the ICC Medical Advisory Committee, chaired by Dr. Peter Harcourt. This is entirely related to gender eligibility for international women’s cricket. Each member board will have its own laws regarding gender eligibility at the domestic level. This rule will be reviewed within two years.

I was thinking about it for a long time

ICC Chief Executive Geoff Allardyce said that the organization has reached this decision after ‘extensive deliberations’. He said, ‘The change in gender eligibility rules has happened after an extensive consultation process. It is based on science and is in line with the basic principles developed during the review.

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