PHOTOS: Subodh and Vishwajeet of Birni were trapped in Silkyara tunnel of Uttarkashi, Mani Diwali when they came out

Celebratory atmosphere on the exit of Vishwajeet and Subodh

Vishwajeet Verma of Keshodih of Birni block and Subodh Verma of Simradhab, who were trapped in the tunnel in Uttarkashi for the last 16 days, came out on Tuesday night. As soon as this information was received, an atmosphere of celebration was seen in Birni. As soon as the family members of Vishwajeet and Subodh got the information that both of them had gone out safely, a crowd of people gathered outside their house. People burst fireworks to celebrate their exit. People also congratulated the family members of Subodh and Vishwajeet by feeding them sweets.

Diwali celebrated for the second time in the village

After Subodh came out of the tunnel safely, the people of the village celebrated Diwali for the second time. At the same time, Subodh’s mother Chandrika Devi and father Budhan Mahato’s eyes became moist in the joy of their son’s exit.

People were gathered in the village after lighting a fire

Subodh’s village Simradhab Crowds of people had started gathering from Tuesday evening itself. As the time of rescue approached, people started gathering outside Subodh’s house. Local chief Dilip Das was also standing outside Subodh’s house since late evening by lighting a fire. A large number of villagers were also with him. When Subodh came out, he expressed happiness to the chief and other members and congratulated all the members of the team involved in the rescue operation.

Vishwajit’s wife, children and family watching the news of coming out of the tunnel

Vishwajeet’s wife Chameli Devi has now heaved a sigh of relief. In her first reaction after Vishwajeet came out of the tunnel, Chameli Devi said that she was disappointed. He said that the children had brought firecrackers on the day of Diwali, but as soon as they got the news of their father being trapped in the tunnel, they became very sad and kept the firecrackers. Even lamps should not be lit in the house. But the prayers of the countrymen and the efforts of the government worked and the beauty of our house has returned and our Diwali is today.

Wish was made at many places

Wife Chameli Devi had gone to many temples and prayed for her husband’s safe return. She told that now that her husband has come out safely, she will now go to the pavilion and offer prayers. He had made a vow at four places. Will go to every place one by one and do puja.

Now I don’t have the courage to send it out.

Wife Chameli Devi said that the atmosphere at home was very sad for 16 days. Happiness returned on the 17th day. Due to poverty the husband had to go out to earn. But, there is panic after this accident. He said that now he does not have the courage to send people out to earn. We have three children, all are happy. Only the decisions taken by her husband for the maintenance of the family will be accepted. The government should make arrangements for employment here.

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