Personality Traits: How do you close your fist, know your personality traits from this

What does it mean when you clench your thumb into your fist? Do you put your thumb on your index finger? Or do you make a fist by placing the thumb under the fingers? Learn about your personality, traits based on the way you make your fist.

Do you close your fist by placing your thumb on your index finger?

If you close your fist with your thumb pointing upward and above your index finger, you are a born leader. You are a focused person who works tirelessly to achieve your goals. You are talented and tend to stand out in your workplace or business or whatever endeavor you undertake. You like to explore and learn new things or places. Your IQ level is high. You have to guide other people. You hate injustice. You like to help others. Sometimes, your kindness gets you into situations where people take advantage of you. You are very friendly. You are a good listener. You are calm and consider things to take wise decisions. You try your best not to let external circumstances disturb your peace of mind.

Do you close your fist with the thumb above all the fingers?

If you close your fist with your thumb over all your fingers, you are a very creative person. You have magnetic personality, mentality as well as communication skills. You are mostly the center of attention. You are admired for your honesty and intelligence. You are direct with what you say or do. You like to go out or to social gatherings. Being honest takes you ahead in life and sometimes gets you into trouble. You don’t like to stay stuck in any one routine for too long. You are good at self-expression. You are attractive. However, no matter how caring you are, once you stop caring about something or someone, you are done. You are determined to put your self-respect above emotions.

Do you close your fist with the thumb inside all the fingers?

If you close your fist with your thumb inside all your fingers, you are an introvert. You love your privacy and keep your thoughts or feelings to yourself. You are very creative. You come up with unique out-of-the-box ideas. You can only connect with people who are similar to you or who value genuine connections. You can be extremely kind. You usually speak less and listen more. You can also be empathetic. You cannot stand around people who speak too loudly. You also don’t like people who brag too much about themselves. You dislike drama and gossip. You are generally seen as a shy and reserved person. And you can be like that but if someone comes in your way or moves you out of the way, you put them in their place. You are very passionate about your work, relationships, friends and family. In public, you may keep a low profile or shy demeanor, but in your private circle you are very witty and charming. You see love, beauty and harmony in most things in life.

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