People troubled by pollution protested strongly against this company in Giridih.

Pollution in Giridih: Hundreds of people started a movement on Sunday (3 March) against the Balmukund Sponge Iron Factory located in Chatro of Sadar block in Giridih district. The villagers, united against pollution, staged a protest against the Balmukund Sponge Iron Factory. Also raised slogans against the management.

Villagers protest outside Balmukund Sponge Iron Factory gate

Men, women and children involved in the movement staged a protest outside the factory gate. Villagers say that due to Balmukund Sponge Iron Factory, pollution is continuously spreading in the area. Due to this, life of hundreds of people of many nearby villages including Chatro, Gadi Shrirampur, Purnanagar has become difficult.

Protest Against Pollution
Villagers united against pollution, protested outside Balmukund Sponge Iron Factory, sloganeering 2

Villagers’ allegation- People are falling prey to serious diseases due to pollution.

The protesting people say that many people have fallen prey to serious diseases due to pollution. The future of children is becoming bleak. Despite protesting several times, no action of any kind is being taken against the factory management by the district administration and local public representatives.

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People are suffering from pollution, administration and public representatives are not paying attention

The villagers said that this is the reason that after being troubled by the problem of pollution, today the people of the entire village are protesting against the factory management. The villagers say that their agitation will continue until the district administration or local public representatives take any appropriate initiative to prevent pollution.

Company files false cases against villagers for protesting

The villagers allege that whenever they sit on protest, the manager registers an FIR against the villagers by making false allegations against them. The villagers are troubled by this.

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Villagers holding placards and raising slogans against the management

On the other hand, after receiving information about agitation by hundreds of villagers outside the factory, a large number of police personnel including BDO Ganesh Rajak, Mufassil police station in-charge Shyam Kishore Mahato reached the spot and are busy controlling the situation. All the agitating villagers are holding placards in their hands and raising slogans against the factory manager.

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