Patients of seasonal diseases suddenly increased in Jharkhand, do not be careless in cold, be careful

Jharkhand weather: The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert regarding cold wave and fog. At the same time, the minimum temperature of Ranchi has reached seven degrees Celsius. As soon as evening comes, cold winds start showing their attitude. In such a situation, slight carelessness can make people sick. RIMS physician Dr Vidyapati said that due to fluctuations in temperature, the number of patients suffering from seasonal diseases has suddenly increased. Every day 40 to 45 patients suffering from cold, cough and fever are coming to OPD.

Dr. Vidyapati said that people should decide their diet and behavior according to the weather. When the cold increases, it is most important to protect the elderly and children. One should wear full body clothing in cold weather. Do not leave the house in the evening. Eat only hot and fresh food. Stop using frozen items and cold beverages completely. Patients suffering from throat infection increased.

  • 40-45 patients of cold, cough and fever are coming to RIMS every day.

  • It is more important to protect the elderly and children as the cold increases: Dr. Vidyapati

What to do to avoid throat infection

Season Due to changes in the number of patients suffering from throat infection has increased. ENT specialist Dr. Harsh Kumar said that patients are coming with the problem of throat pain and infection. At the same time, there are many patients whose cough continues for 20 to 25 days. To avoid throat infection, avoid consuming cold foods and in case of mild problem, gargle with warm water.

Fog affected aircraft operations

Fog in Delhi also affected the operation of aircraft. Due to this, the flights from Delhi to Ranchi were delayed by hours. At the same time, flights from Ranchi to Delhi were delayed. The scheduled time of Indigo’s Delhi-Ranchi flight was 8.50 am. But this plane arrived at 10.30 in the morning. Air Asia’s Delhi-Ranchi flight arrived at 11.30 am instead of 9.55 am. At the same time, another Delhi-Ranchi flight of Indigo was later canceled. Apart from this, Air Asia’s Delhi-Ranchi flight, which was scheduled at 12.30 pm, arrived at 3 pm. Apart from this, other planes also flew half to two hours late from their scheduled time.

Hyderabad-Banaras flight diverted and reached Ranchi

The plane going from Hyderabad to Banaras got diverted due to technical reasons and landed at Ranchi airport. This plane landed in Ranchi at 4.30 pm and after one and a half hour took off from Ranchi for Banaras.

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