Parents ran away leaving 19 day old child in RIMS, weight decreasing rapidly

Rajeev Pandey, Ranchi

In the Neonatology Department of RIMS, a Kalyugi parent has run away leaving behind a 19 day old pre-mature newborn. The newborn is suffering from the problem of retinopathy of prematurity. He is struggling between life and death. His weight is decreasing rapidly. He has been kept on life support system. At present, the child is being looked after by nurses and doctors. Efforts are also being made to save the eyesight of the newborn by contacting an eye doctor. At the same time, RIMS management is trying to find the parents through the police.

On receiving the information, RIMS Superintendent Dr. Hirendra Birua reached the Neonatology Wing on Wednesday and inquired about the health of the child. Doctors told that the child’s weight has reduced to one kilo. The child was admitted to the neonatology wing of the pediatric department by his parents on 28 December. After some time, when the nurse and doctor searched for the couple, they were not found. When the parents did not come even after a long time, calls were made to both the mobile numbers mentioned in the recruitment papers, but they were found switched off. Since then till now both the mobile numbers are switched off.

What is retinopathy of prematurity?

This is a problem related to the eyes, in which the blood vessels of the retina shrink. Premature babies are at increased risk of infection at the time of birth. Due to lack of timely treatment, eyesight can also be lost. If timely treatment is provided, light can be saved.

The child was delivered in Khunti. In view of pre-mature and eye problem, RIMS was referred there. The parents had admitted the newborn on December 28, but since then he has been missing. Kuchai Police is being contacted through Bariatu Police.

Dr. Hirendra Birua, Superintendent, RIMS

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