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parenting tips prepare your child for the first day of school

Parenting Tips: The first day of school is full of mixed reactions for the child as well as the parents. On one hand, the little one spends hours outside the house without his parents for the first time, on the other hand, the parents have many worries about him. In such a situation, with a little preparation, you can make the beginning of this new journey of your child’s life pleasant and also memorable.

Set the child in a new routine

Start sending your child to school by accustoming him to the school routine. Till now the child may be sleeping late and waking up, but a few days before the school starts, start waking him up, preparing him and feeding him breakfast as per school time. With this, he will feel comfortable with his routine on the first day of school.

show school in advance

To remove the fear from the child’s mind towards school, you can make him/her visit the school before the start of classes. Show the child to his class and, if possible, introduce him to the teacher also. Yes, don’t forget to show him the school playground.

make favorite lunch

It is often seen that a child does not eat anything on the first day of school. In such a situation, it would be better if you give him tiffin to eat his favorite thing. Keep his favorite fruit along with the food.

go pick up the child yourself

Even if you are working, try to pick up your child yourself on the first day of school when it is holiday. With this you will be able to see his reaction to the new experience with your own eyes. This experience will be new and memorable not only for the child but also for you.

Don’t forget to take a picture

In today’s photo-friendly era, don’t forget to take a photo of your child on the first day of school. This picture will refresh the memories of this day forever. Children agree very quickly to selfies, so this would be a very good idea for them.

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