Parenting Tips: A father should not say these 5 things to his daughter even by mistake, the consequences can be bad.

It is said that for a mother, her son is her beloved, while for a father, his daughter is his beloved. The relationship between father and daughter is very special. It is said that a daughter’s first love is her father. What feelings the daughter has towards her father depends on the father’s behaviour.

Father should not say these 5 things

If a father wants his daughter to be fearless then he should behave with her in the same way and if he wants his daughter to be a simple housewife then he should behave with her in the same way. However, in today’s time, no father would want his daughter to have a subdued and fearful personality. In such a situation, there are some things which a father should take care of. There are some things a father should never say. Let us know what those things are.

don’t talk to boys

Keep in mind that you should not say this to your daughter. Brother, times have changed, perhaps in your time boys and girls would not have been friends, but now times have changed. There is nothing wrong in being friends with a boy and a girl. If you say this to your daughter, her self-confidence will weaken. Due to this she will never be able to feel comfortable with the other gender.

Do not talk to me! go away

When you feel overwhelmed with parenting, it’s common to want everyone to leave you alone. However, no matter what the situation may be, do not force your daughter to marry you. This will hurt her heart and she will start hesitating to come close to you again.

What will People Say

People will say something, it’s people’s job to say, so don’t put pressure on your daughter for anything by thinking about what they will say, what they will think. Don’t impose people’s opinions on your child. If you yourself give her the thought that she should think about other people, then she will never be able to keep her happiness above all else. In such a situation, be a supportive father and support your daughter. Support her in what she is doing. This will boost his morale.

you are a stranger

A father should not say this to his daughter in any tone, even by mistake. If you say these things to your daughter, then the feeling of loneliness will arise in her mind. He will feel that this is not his home. In such a situation, avoid saying these things to your daughter. You may tell him that no matter where he goes, this house is his. This will make her feel very good and will not consider herself separate from the family.

don’t laugh out loud

Are you also such a father who pays excessive attention to your daughter’s every move? Do you also suppress your daughter’s voice and laughter? If yes, then change this habit immediately. Because this habit of yours can make your daughter timid and she will not be able to face outsiders. In such a situation, give your daughter free freedom. Do not stop him from laughing and speaking and support him at every step.

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