Pankaj Mishra’s bail plea rejected, instructions to speed up trial

Ranchi: Jharkhand High Court has rejected the bail plea of ​​Pankaj Mishra, identified as the kingpin of illegal mining. Also, instructions have been given to speed up the trial of the case. The court of Justice Gautam Kumar Chaudhary has given this instruction while giving its verdict on the bail petition. Six months after withdrawing the bail petition from the Supreme Court, Pankaj Mishra first filed a bail petition in the trial court. After the bail plea was rejected by the trial court, he had filed a bail petition in the High Court. The hearing of the petition took place in the court of Justice Gautam Kumar Chaudhary. During this, an argument was presented on behalf of Pankaj Mishra that the Supreme Court has granted bail to co-accused Bachchu Yadav in the illegal mining case. Co-accused Krishna Saha has also got bail from Jharkhand High Court.

Charges have been framed against Pankaj Mishra in the case of illegal mining. Trial is going on in the case. The testimony of 10 out of 42 witnesses related to the case has been completed. But, the trial is not going on against Pankaj Mishra in Barharwa police station case number 85/2020. Idi’s illegal mining is related to Barharwa police station. Pankaj Mishra is in jail since 20-7-2022. Section 3 read with Section 4 of PMLA provides for six years of imprisonment. On behalf of Pankaj Mishra, quoting the Supreme Court’s comment in the case of Manish Shishodia vs CBI, it was said that the bail cannot be denied to the accused considering the period of trial as a punishment. The petitioner is suffering from serious pancreas disease. He has other diseases including diabetes. He was sent to Delhi hospital for treatment. Therefore now an order should be given to release him on bail.

While opposing the bail petition on behalf of ED, it was said that this petition should not be linked to the case of Bachchu Yadav and Krishna Saha. The petitioner is the king pin of the illegal mining case. What has been said by the Supreme Court in the case of Manish Shishodia is just a comment of the court. This is not an order or instruction to the court. As far as the accused’s illness is concerned, the jail doctors are treating him. If necessary, he was also sent to a big hospital for better treatment. Therefore, the petitioner should not be granted bail.

Court said: The case is of large scale illegal mining and money related to it.

The court had reserved its decision after listening to all the parties. Later the court gave its verdict. The court said in its decision that the petitioner is the representative of the then Chief Minister. He has administrative and political connections. The matter pertains to illegal mining on a large scale and money related to it. The petitioner is marked as King Pin. The trial is also at the initial stage. There is nothing in the petition. Therefore the bail petition is rejected. Also, the trial court is directed to expedite the trial.

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