Panic after woman’s head, torso and legs found in three polythenes

Kolkata. There was a stir in the area on Tuesday afternoon when body parts of a woman (30-35) were found in the CISF barrack situated in the port area which had been vacant for years. After receiving the news, apart from Watganj police station, the police of South Port police station also reached there and took possession of the body parts and sent them for post-mortem. The woman has not been identified. The woman’s head that was found had vermilion and bindi applied on it. Here, after the news of the dead body being found, the team of Homicide Branch of Kolkata Police reached there from Lalbazar and started investigating the case. The investigation has been started after sending the photograph of the woman’s face to various police stations in the metropolis and the state. Police say that only after the woman is identified, answers to questions related to who, why and where she was murdered will be available. How did the police get the information?

Police sources say that around 2.50 pm on Tuesday, a young man reached Watganj police station. He told that he had reached that vacant land in the afternoon. There he saw three black polythene sheets. When he opened the polythene with the hope of finding some things in it, he found a woman’s severed head inside. Out of fear he went straight to the police station and informed about it. Hearing the words of the young man, the policemen present at Watganj police station were also shocked. Immediately upon reaching the spot and opening the remaining two polythenes, the woman’s torso was found from one and the woman’s leg was found from the other polythene. Both her hands, entire part of her stomach and her toes were missing from the recovered torso.

Police expressed suspicion of murder in extreme anger

According to police sources, the brutality with which the woman was murdered and her body was cut into pieces, shows that someone had murdered her out of anger. It is clear from the bricks found in the polythene in which the head was found that there was a plan to throw the body in the river or in the skin. However, for some reason it was thrown in an empty place. The police is trying to reach the killer by scanning the pictures captured in the CCTV cameras installed nearby.

Lalbazar sources say that a woman of similar age has been reported missing in Maniktala area. His family members have been informed about this. Police say that if the body is identified as that of the missing woman, then the body will be identified. The police is investigating the matter.

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