Online booking of sand is also done in Jharkhand, through this app you can order sitting at home, know what is the method.

Ranchi, Sunil Chaudhary : To provide sand at government rates in Jharkhand, Jharkhand State Mineral Development Corporation (JSMDC) has also created an online portal and app. But its users are very less. There is less information about it among the people. Due to which it is used less. Due to lack of tender for sand ghats and after ban by NGT, JSMDC has made this arrangement to provide sand at lower rates. Where common people can place orders and get sand delivered to their homes. There is a system for booking Balu on This can also be done by downloading JSMDC Sand Consumer App from Play Store. Here sand is available at the rate of Rs 7.5 (5% GST extra).

Six thousand people have become users

To book Balu on online portal or app, one has to first become a user by giving name, address, phone number etc. Which has a login and password. After this, only the user can book Balu on the app or portal. However, 20 thousand people have downloaded the app across the state. But only six thousand people have become its users. This number is said to be less as per the population of the state. The reason behind this is that JSMDC did not promote the online portal or app. Common people are not even aware that booking of sand is also done. Even now people place orders for sand only through local brokers. Whereas the broker supplies sand to the consumer legally or illegally. An official of JSMDC said that among the users, most of them are brokers, builders or contractors involved in construction work, who book sand in bulk.

Last year 86 lakh cft sand was sold

It was told that 86 lakh CFT sand was booked in the financial year 2022-23 through online portal and app. In this financial year, 40 lakh CFT sand has been booked from April to September. Which was sold by JSMDC through invoice.

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