One evening in Ranchi, Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta gave mantras of success to the youth in the name of Swami Vivekananda and Hanuman.

Ranchi: Swami Vivekananda An evening program was organized in the name of the youth on his birth anniversary and by Shri Hanuman Seva Sansthan at Harmu Maidan, Ranchi. Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta said that Hanuman Chalisa is a mantra. Success is not achieved without struggle. Take a pledge to speak sweetly and smile. Humility should be the jewel of a devotee. He said that after sleeping and waking up at night, one must meditate on Hanuman ji. It is due to the immense compassion of the Supreme Father that Hanuman ji is being recited on the occasion of the holy birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. He discussed mother Kaushalya. He also expressed his views regarding the arrival of Shri Ram in Ayodhya. On this occasion, a collective recitation of Hanuman Chalisa was organized. During this period, more than 5 crore people from India and abroad were connected live through Sanskar TV and other TV channels. On this occasion, Rakesh Bhaskar garlanded him and welcomed him by giving him body clothes. Storyteller Swami Dr. Umakantanand Saraswati ji was also present on the stage.

Take inspiration from Swami Vivekananda and Hanuman ji

Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta discussed the thoughts of Hanuman ji. He said that Vivekananda says that no success can be achieved without struggle. Whenever you have to face challenges in life. Always do it with a smile. He said that every year we give lectures by combining Swami Vivekananda and Hanuman ji. He said Hanuman Chalisa is a mantra. There are many people who earned money through hard work and spent it to contribute to the society and nation. Vivekananda ji says that learn from Hanuman ji, wherever you live, be right. Stay connected to the service of Hanuman ji. Take inspiration from Vivekananda ji. No matter how much criticism you receive, do not deviate from your goal. Many people in our life will criticize but don’t break down. We should be tactful and tolerant. He told 7 measures of tolerance.

These were present on the spot

In the program of Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta, MP Sameer Oraon, MP Sanjay Seth, MLA Naveen Jaiswal, Rakesh Bhaskar, Dharmendra Tiwari, Pramod Saraswat, Inderjit Yadav, Arun Jha, Suresh Singh, Raj Kishore Singh, Vimlesh Singh, Gopal Soni, Naveen Jha, Many people including KK Gupta, Ajay Singh, Ramchandra Jaiswal, Arun Kumar Singh received blessings. Earlier at 8:30 am, Pandit Vijay Shankar Mehta planted trees and participated in the cleanliness campaign. Many people donated blood in the blood donation camp.

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