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On the occasion of Teej, son-in-law, who went to his in-laws’ house to meet his wife, was beaten up, admitted to hospital in critical condition.

Gopalganj. The son-in-law, who had come to meet his wife, was brutally beaten up by his in-laws. After this, considering the son-in-law dead in an unconscious state, he was thrown into the sugarcane field. Also his car was vandalized and damaged. The injured has been admitted to Sadar Hospital in critical condition. The incident took place near Ramjeeta bridge of Vishambharpur police station area. Chhotalal Singh, son of Vipat Singh, resident of Jadopur Shukla village of Jadopur police station area, used to live and work in Pune. Had to go to Pune after two days. Therefore, before Teej, he along with his nephew Abhishek Kumar had gone to his in-laws house, Ahiroli Dan of Tareya Sujan police station in Kushinagar district of bordering UP, to meet his wife.

Wife accused of not coming to in-laws’ house

The young man alleges that he used to talk to his wife. But she did not want to come to her in-laws’ house. My husband often explained about this. Meanwhile, the son-in-law, who reached his in-laws’ house, was brutally beaten. The victim says that I was beaten till I became unconscious. Later everyone ran away thinking he was dead. Seeing the young man groaning, the people nearby took him to Sadar Hospital for treatment. Admitted to the emergency ward there. The victim youth alleges that he has two small children, who live with their mother. The victim also alleges that his wife has an illicit relationship with her brother-in-law, due to which she does not want to come to her in-laws’ house from her maternal home. At the same time, the police say that in this case an FIR will be registered after recording the statement of the injured youth.

In a domestic dispute, the father killed his son by slitting his throat with an axe.

In another incident that took place in Katihar district, in Malhariya Panchayat of Sameli Pothia OP area, on Monday afternoon, a father killed his own son by slitting his throat with a sharp ax in his sleep due to a domestic dispute. The news of the murder spread like wildfire in the entire area. As soon as information about the incident was received, police personnel including Pothia OP’s ASI Arun Kumar, Additional Police Station Head Vikas Kumar, ASI Arvind Kumar reached the spot, investigated the matter, took possession of the body and sent it for post-mortem.

Murder of son while he was sleeping

According to the information, in ward number four of Malharia Panchayat of Sameli block area, Buddhadev Mandal attacked his son Suresh Mandal alias Gena Mandal (35 years) with an ax in the neck while he was sleeping, due to which he died on the spot. It is said that there used to be domestic disputes between father and son. In which the father’s mental condition had deteriorated. The father used to demand equal amount of money from his son Suresh Mandal. Where this incident happened due to non-payment of money. Whereas local villagers say that the deceased was sleeping after reaching his home after selling brinjal from Katihar. Meanwhile, the father killed the son when he did not demand money from him.

Police arrested the accused father

As soon as information about the incident was received, Pothia OPD Chief Captain Sanjay Pandey reached the spot with his force. Where complete information about the incident was taken. He told that father Buddhadev Mandal had murdered his son by slitting his throat with an ax while he was sleeping. The accused father Buddhadev Mandal has been arrested by the police and the police has recovered an ax from the spot. The body was taken into custody from the spot and sent to Katihar for post-mortem. The deceased have two brothers. Elder brother is Chaman Lal Mandal. Whereas the wife of the deceased is Gudiya Devi. Who has two sons, Ravi Kumar age 15 and Amit Kumar age 13 years. After the incident, the family members are in bad condition and crying.


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