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Numerology Personality Traits: People of this radix number become an example for the world, know what is your number.

Personality Traits

Birth Date 3, Numerology:According to numerology, today we are going to talk about the third number. Actually, Jupiter is considered to be the lord of radix number 3. If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th of any month then your radix number will be 3. Meaning, almost all the important events happening in your life will definitely be related to the third number. In such a situation, let us know in detail about the nature of a person with Radix number 3, his education, career, weaknesses etc.

Number Personality Traits

What are people with number 3 like?

People with radix number 3 are peace loving. He has a soft heart and a sweet voice. Are truthful. Their interest towards spirituality is deep.

Numerology, Number 3

What do people with number 3 like?

People with number 3 are cautious about their actions. They also like to stay away from controversies.

Born on 3, 12, 21 and 30

Marital life of people with radix number 3

The married life of people with radix number 3 is happy. However, their problems may increase due to old love. Their views are different from the views of other family members.

Numerology Personality Traits

People with number 3 are an example for the world.

People with number 3 are always engaged in new discoveries. Many times, people are so engrossed in their studies that they even become an example for the world.

Numerology traits

studies of people with radix number 3

Most of the people with radix number 3 get higher education and go into medical, engineering and other higher degree fields. The education of such people gets hindered during the years 16, 19, 22 and 25. However, such people succeed in achieving whatever goal they set for themselves.

Date Of Birth Numerology

Career of people with radix number 3

People with radix number 3 are associated with both business and job sectors. They mostly like administrative posts like teacher, judge, advocate etc.

Numerology 3

Weakness of people with number 3

The weakness of people with radix number 3 is that they get disappointed immediately if they do not get success. These are expensive and have to be paid later. They do not know how to compromise on principles. They are full of ego which sometimes causes harm to them.


Metal of people with radix number 3

People with radix number 3 should make friends with people having radix number 1. The auspicious metal for them is gold. Lord Vishnu should be worshiped on Thursday.

Radix 3

Auspicious color of people with radix number 3

Recite Lord Vishnu Sahastranam. Do not take even the smallest task lightly. Their auspicious colors are yellow, red and orange. Therefore, keep things of these colors around you.


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