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Now the land mafia in Ranchi is not well, the police will take strict action by making a list of land grabbers

Ever since the formation of the Jharkhand state, land prices in the capital Ranchi had skyrocketed. Now the land here has become valuable. That’s why land mafia land grab are doing. The cases of land dispute are continuously increasing in Ranchi. We are not saying this. These are the figures of the police. Yes, in the last 5 years there are at least 560 cases of land disputes, which have reached the police station.

Ranchi police making list of land mafia

Amidst the challenge of dealing with Naxalites and criminals, the police is also dealing with the land dispute. This is the reason why the police list of land mafia Have started making, because every year many deaths happen in the land dispute in the capital. There are incidents of common crime, so different. If any matter is pending from the police to the court, then it is the matter related to the land. Consider some statistics related to the land dispute.

2021: Lawyer shot dead in Tamar

Let’s go to a little flashback. Remind you of events from year to year. On 27 July 2021, advocate Manoj Jha was shot dead in the Tamar block of the capital Ranchi. At that time, he was getting an educational institute under siege. Only then some criminals came there riding a bike and shot Manoj Jha. He died.

2022: Vegetable seller killed

Now let’s talk about the year 2022. On March 27, 2022, Dulari Devi, who sold fruits in Chirondi market of Ranchi, was murdered. Dulari Devi was also shot. It was suspected that Dulari Devi was killed in a land dispute.

2022: Clash between two parties in land dispute

There was a dispute over a plot on 24 September 2022 in Namkum police station area. When the villagers opposed the construction on the land, there was a clash between the two sides. The police had to come to calm the matter. The matter settled down.

2022: Land dealer shot dead

In the same year, on 24 November 2022, criminals killed land businessman Dhawan Ram in Bariatu police station area of ​​Ranchi. Dhawan was shot twice.

2023: Two youths injured in firing in Namkum

In the year 2023 also there was firing in the land dispute. Two youths were injured in this. The case was of Namkum police station area. On March 17, 2023, criminals fired at Rahul of Krishnapuri and Ashish of Kanke at Ketaribagan in Namkum. Both were injured.

560 cases of land grab in Ranchi district in 5 years

Now just pay attention to the land dispute cases being registered in the police. Statistics show that in the last 5 years, 560 cases have been registered with the police, which are related to the land dispute. Senior officials of Ranchi Police say that 215 FIRs have been registered in rural areas and 345 FIRs in urban police stations. All these cases are being reviewed.

Attempt to capture Supreme Court judge’s land

An attempt was also made to capture the land of a former Supreme Court Justice in the Lower Bazar police station area of ​​the capital Ranchi. When the matter came to light, the Jharkhand High Court took a strict stand on it. After this Ranchi police also came into action. Now the list of land mafia is being prepared. First of all, a list of those people is being prepared, against whom maximum and frequent complaints are coming. Sources are telling that the police is preparing to de-districtize such land mafia.

Ranchi police will file affidavit in the High Court

In the land acquisition case of a former Supreme Court judge, the court has asked the Ranchi police to file an affidavit on matters related to the land dispute. Now the police will have to tell in the High Court that how many cases of land dispute have been registered in Ranchi district and what action has been taken in those cases. The police also have to tell which are the gangs in Ranchi who are encroaching on the land.

Station in charge should take immediate steps in land dispute

Ranchi SP (Rural) Naushad Alam has said that all station in-charges have been instructed to make arrangements so that no one dies in the land dispute. Instructions have been given to the Thanedars to take immediate steps on the land dispute. Naushad Alam has also said that if someone dies in the land dispute, even the station in-charge will not be spared.


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