No seats in trains from Patna to Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru before December, air fares also sky high

Patna. After Chhath, the rush of passengers returning from Patna to different cities will start from Tuesday and Wednesday. However, on Monday, the next day of Chhath, there was only crowd of public passengers at Patna Junction. On the other hand, seats in major trains going to Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru are full. Major trains like Delhi going Sampoorna Kranti Express, Shramjeevi Express, Tejas Rajdhani Express, Magadh, Mumbai going Patliputra LTT, Rajendra Nagar LTT and Bengaluru going Sanghamitra Express, Patna Kota etc. are waiting till 30th November. Up to 350 people are waiting in the sleeper class of these trains. Whereas more than 165 people are waiting in 3 AC classes also.

Passengers arrived to make reservations on different dates

According to the information received from the reserved ticket counters of Patna Junction, maximum number of people are coming from Patna to New Delhi to make reservations on different dates. Apart from this, people are also booking tickets for other cities including Mumbai, Kota, Ahmedabad, Ernakulam. There is a waiting list of 372 on 21st November, 368 on 22nd November, 275 on 23rd November and 243 on 24th November in sleeper class of 12393 Sampoorna Kranti Express going from Patna to Delhi. Whereas in 3 AC classes of this train, there is 139 to 167 waiting numbers from 21st to 30th November. Similarly, in 12309 Rajendra Nagar Tejas Rajdhani Express, there is 50 waiting list on 21st November, 138 on 22nd November, 137 on 23rd November and 162 waiting list on 24th November. Similarly, in the sleeper class of Mumbai going train number 12142 Patliputra LTT Express, there is 26 waiting list on 21st November, 98 on 22nd November, 97 on 23rd November and 80 waiting list on 24th November. Similarly, there is a waiting list of 76 in 3 ACs on 21st, 58 on 22nd November, 55 on 23rd November and 70 on 24th November. More or less the situation is the same in trains like Patna, Pune, Danapur, Secunderabad etc.

Berths are vacant in these special trains

For the convenience of passengers, the Railway Administration has released the list of vacant seats on Sunday evening. Chief Public Relations Officer of PUMRE, Virendra Kumar said that if passengers book their seats in special trains, the journey can become easier. Train No. 07004 Patna Hyderabad Special, Train No. 02831 Dhanbad Bhuneshwar Special, Train No. 04017 Bapudham Motihari, Train No. 01422 Danapur Pune, Train No. 05973 New Tinsukia, Train No. 01706 Danapur Jabalpur, Train No. 03236 Danapur Sahebganj, Train No. 05522 Ambalakant Saharsa etc. Seats are vacant in sleeper and 3 AC class of special trains.

Ticket counters will remain open 24 hours

To ensure that the passengers returning after Chhath festival do not face any kind of problem, reservation counters will remain open 24 hours. Additionally, additional Chhath special trains will be run and even if needed, extra rakes will be called from Delhi. This is what Anil Kumar Khandelwal, General Manager of East Central Railway, has to say. On Monday, the next day of Chhath, GM had reached Patna Junction, where he took stock of the passenger facilities provided by PUMRE on the occasion of Chhath festival. Khandelwal told that a war room of officers has been made at the junction, where he himself is monitoring it in real time. The General Manager also took stock of other facilities being provided including crowd management, cleanliness, passenger safety.

instructions to remain constantly alert

He took feedback from the passengers and directed the officers present on the spot to remain constantly alert for passenger convenience. He told that the passengers returning to their workplace after celebrating Chhath festival are being given free food packets and water bottles. This arrangement will continue for the next few days. The General Manager also appealed to the passengers not to carry inflammable substances during the journey, it is dangerous. To keep a special watch on those traveling with inflammable substances and smoking beedi cigarettes in trains, a team of Railway Protection Force has been formed, which is continuously keeping an eye on such activities.

Airfare to Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru reaches Rs 13 thousand

Here, after the end of Chhath, the flight fares to go from Patna to cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore etc. are skyrocketing. On Tuesday, the average fare of various airlines from Patna to Mumbai reached Rs 11092, while on Thursday it reached more than Rs 12 thousand and on Saturday it reached more than Rs 14 thousand. At the same time, the average fare to go from Patna to Delhi has reached Rs 13077 on Tuesday, Rs 12497 on Wednesday, while on Sunday it has reached Rs 9085. Apart from this, the fare from Patna to Bangalore has reached Rs 15240 on Tuesday, Rs 13167 on Wednesday and Rs 13076 on Sunday.

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