No-Confidence Motion: Rahul Gandhi surrounded the central government in the House, told the pain of this woman from Manipur

Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha: No confidence motion But today, on the second day of the discussion, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi took part in the discussion and fiercely attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government. Rahul Gandhi Said that I went to Manipur, but PM Modi did not because Manipur is not Hindustan for him. Your government has divided Manipur. Today Manipur is not left. Rahul Gandhi said that the voice of the people of Manipur is the voice of Mother India, but you did not listen to the voice of Mother India.

Many serious allegations on the central government and PM Modi

While participating in the discussion on mistrust, Rahul Gandhi has made many serious allegations against the Central Government and PM Modi. He said, ‘You have killed Bharat Mata. You are not their protector, you are their killer. Until you stop the violence there, Mother India will continue to be killed there. But Modi ji does not hear the voice of the common people of India. At the same time, he said that Modi ji hears the voices of only two people, Amit Shah and Adani. Lanka was burnt not by Hanuman but by his arrogance.

“My little child was shot in front of me”

On the Manipur issue, he said that I talked to women, talked to children. A woman told that my small child was shot in front of me. I stayed with his dead body the whole night. Then I got scared and left my house. When I asked the other woman what happened to you – she fainted trembling with me. Along with this, Rahul Gandhi has alleged that your government in Manipur has killed India.

“Had come out to see India with arrogance”

Referring to the Bharat Jodo Yatra, he said that I had set out to see India with arrogance, but he left within a few days. I had an old wound in my knee, which was not allowing me to walk. But within a few days my ego went away. In a few days, such incidents started happening, which gave me the strength to walk. Sometimes an eight year old girl and sometimes a farmer gave me power. Also, he said on his Manipur tour that I went to Manipur, PM Modi did not.

“Manipur is not India for them”

He further said that Manipur is not Hindustan for him. Rahul Gandhi told the ruling party that your government has divided Manipur. Today Manipur is not left. I talked to women, talked to children. In the beginning of his address, Rahul Gandhi said that the friends of BJP need not fear today. I will not attack them much. Last year I traveled from the sea coast to the snowy hills of Kashmir.

“The journey will continue”

He said that the journey will continue, during the journey many people asked me why you are traveling, what is your goal? In the beginning the answer did not come out of my mouth, perhaps I did not even know why I had started this journey. I used to think that I want to know India. Want to understand things, but deeply I could not understand. But slowly I understood that the thing for which I am ready to give my life, I want to go to Modi ji’s jail, is that thing?

thanked the speaker at the beginning of the speech

Participating in the discussion on the no-confidence motion, Rahul Gandhi started his speech by thanking the speaker. He said thank you for restoring my membership. Rahul Gandhi said that last time I had hurt you. Last time I gave a speech focusing on Adani ji, because of which BJP leaders were hurt. This time I will not give speech focusing on Adani.

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