New CEO will investigate Sam Altman’s removal from OpenAI

Emmett Shear, the new head of OpenAI, the company that developed the popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform ChatGPT, said that he is starting an investigation into the removal of company co-founder Sam Altman. There was a lot of uproar last week regarding Altman’s departure from OpenAI. Microsoft announced the appointment of Altman as well as OpenAI co-founder and former president Greg Brockman to head its new AI research team, while Shear was made OpenAI’s interim chief executive officer (CEO).

Billions of dollars invested in OpenAI

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in startup firm OpenAI. He has also provided his computing expertise to run ChatGPT. In such a situation, due to the reshuffle at the top level, there is a possibility of increasing disputes between the two companies. Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella said on social media platform ‘X’ that he is very excited to have former top executives of OpenAI join him. In response, Altman said that the campaign would continue, while Brockman said that he was going to create something new and incomparable. OpenAI, the company that created a big stir in the field of artificial intelligence through ChatGPT, had said that Altman had lost their trust due to lack of open communication with the board of directors. In such a situation, Altman had to separate from the company.

Services of an independent investigator to investigate the case

After taking over as interim CEO of OpenAI, Shear said on In addition, Shear acknowledged that the matter of Altman’s removal from the company was handled very poorly and caused a deep loss of confidence in the company. He said he also plans to implement reforms in the organization and leadership team next month after talking to employees, investors and customers. He also indicated important changes in company administration if necessary.

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