Naxalites’ plans again foiled in West Singhbhum, soldiers destroy 3 IEDs

IED Recovered in Kolhan Misir Besra, the top leader of the banned CPI Maoist Naxalite organization, is continuously touring the Kolhan area with his associates. During this time, landmines are also being laid so that the security forces can be targeted.

Police operation continues against Misir Besra squad

On the other hand, the anti-Naxal operation of the police is continuing. Under this operation, the police have recovered many explosives, which has exposed the nefarious intentions of the Naxalites. Police Headquarters has issued a press release saying that Chaibasa Police and other security forces have jointly conducted an anti-Naxal operation, in which at least 3 IEDs have been recovered.

3 IEDs found in Tonto, Goilkera

One IED is of 2 kg, while the second is of 5 to 6 kg and the third is of 8 to 10 kg. For safety reasons, the police destroyed these explosives at the same place where they were found. According to the release of Police Headquarters, Misir Besra along with his associates Anmol, Mochhu, Chaman, Kande, Ajay Mahato, Sagen Angriya, Ashwin and other members of his squad are planning to carry out some major incident in Kolhan area.

Security forces are ready to foil the plans of Naxalites

Police and security forces are also fully prepared to foil the plans of Naxalites. A joint team of Chaibasa Police, Cobra 209 Battalion, 203 Battalion, 205 Battalion, Jharkhand Jaguar and teams of CRPF 60 Battalion, 197 Battalion, 157 Battalion, 174 Battalion, 193 Battalion, 134 Battalion, 26 Battalion, 190 Battalion and 11 Battalion was formed. Has been done. This joint operation team is continuously campaigning against Naxalites.

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Anti Naxal operation continues in these areas from 10 October 2023

Police Headquarters has said that from October 10, 2023, the border areas of Kuida, Chhota Kuida, Maradiri, Meralgada, Hathiburu, Tilaybeda Boypaisang, Katamba, Bayhatu, Boroy, Lemsadih under Goilkera police station of West Singhbhum as well as Husipi of Tonto police station, The operation was started in the border areas of Rajabasa, Tumhabaka, Regada, Patatorab, Goburu, Luiya villages.

The plan was to target the police in the forest and mountains

As part of the operation itself, on Wednesday (April 3, 2024), Naxalites had laid several landmines with the aim of targeting security forces in the forested and hilly area between Vanagram Sarjomburu and Maradiri of Tonto/Goilkera police station area. Police and security forces detected them in time and destroyed them there. It has been told by the Police Headquarters that the campaign against Naxalites will continue.

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