Muzaffarpur Weather: Meteorological Department alerted about rain

Muzaffarpur Weather The Meteorological Department has alerted farmers regarding rain in Muzaffarpur. The Meteorological Department has released the forecast till April 14 on Tuesday. Under which, from the evening of 12th April to 14th April, there is a possibility of light rain with thunderstorm in most places of North Bihar. The sky will remain cloudy during this period. In such a situation, the Meteorological Department has advised the farmers to complete the wheat and rosemary harvesting work on priority by the morning of 12th April.

Along with this, the day temperature is expected to reach 38 degrees in the next five days. On the other hand, there has been information about increase in night temperature also. According to the forecast, the average rainfall during this period will be 10 to 12 km. Westerly wind will blow at the speed of one hour. According to the records of the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature was recorded at 35 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature was 19.4 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, it has also been suggested to the farmers that after the harvesting of Rabi crop, they should do deep plowing of the empty fields and leave the fields open, so that the insects and disease causing bacteria hidden in the soil can be destroyed by the strong sunlight.

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