Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation: 5% rebate to tax payers

Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation: Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation will give a rebate of five percent on depositing holding tax (property tax) till June 30. This exemption will be available only to those people who are paying their property tax regularly. 05 percent rebate will be available on depositing tax for the new financial year 2024-25. Whereas, one and a half percent financial penalty is being imposed on old defaulters every month. There will be no penalty for depositing taxes for the current financial year till July-September. Between October 1, 2024 and March 31, 2025, tax for the current financial year 2024-25 will also be deposited with a penalty of one and a half percent per month. Along with property tax, the corporation is also collecting user charges for water and sanitation.

The target will be more than Rs 50 crore, along with property tax, user charges for water and sanitation will also be recovered.

In the new financial year, the Municipal Corporation will set a target of more than Rs 50 crore from the collection of property tax. To increase the target, the process of assessment by surveying the abandoned and extended houses is going on continuously. The assessment process has been completed in a total of 16 wards. The corporation administration has set a target to complete the remaining wards in the current financial year.

Corporation will give up to 10 percent discount on obtaining trade license

If the trade license for the financial year 2024-25 and 2025-26 is made simultaneously, the Municipal Corporation will give a discount of up to ten percent on the fees charged as per the business slab. At the same time, if a businessman gets a trade license for only one year i.e. financial year 2024-25. Then they will get a discount of three percent. The benefit of discount will be given to businessmen and shopkeepers till June 30. After this, a trade license will be issued with a maximum fine of Rs 500 every month.

Rs 3.34 crore will be recovered by confiscating the properties of 171 big defaulters.

A list of 171 big defaulters of the city who have outstanding property tax for a long time has been prepared, from whom the Municipal Corporation has to recover Rs 3.34 crore. Demand notices have been sent again and again. But, they are not taking interest in depositing the outstanding amount. Now the Municipal Corporation will take property attachment action against all such defaulters. A notice of 21 days will be given before attaching the property. After this, action will be taken to recover the outstanding amount. Apart from a big hospital of the city, names of many present and former public representatives are also included in it.

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