Muzaffarpur fire brigade has 24 small and big fire engines.

In Muzaffarpur, after the second week of March, incidents of fire have increased significantly in the district. On an average five to 10 fire calls are being received daily. The preparation of the fire brigade regarding fire safety is incomplete. There are seven big fire engines and 17 fire mix technology vehicles for the fire safety of the population of more than 60 lakhs in the district. At the same time, there are 30 trained fire men, 30 drivers and 57 trainee fire men.

Out of 16 blocks of the district, 11 are included in the hotspot regarding fire. But, the department neither has sufficient number of fire brigades nor trained fire officers. There is a huge increase in fire incidents between April and May, in such a situation eight to 15 fire calls reach the fire office in a day. In such a situation, the fire brigade team has to face a lot of difficulties in reaching from one place to another.

This is the hot spot regarding fire in the district

Sakra, Gaighat, Mushari, Aurai, Vivi, Meenapur and Katra which comes under the fire station located at Chandwara. At the same time, the hotspots inside Motipur Fire Station include Sahebganj, Paru, Kanti and Saraiya.

Foam tender is not there to control the fire at petrol pump

The district fire department has seven big fire engines. But, they do not have a foam tender vehicle. The vehicle that was there earlier was removed due to its dilapidated condition as it was more than 20 years old. Later it was declared junk and scrapped. However, foam tender has been purchased at Patna headquarters, there is a possibility of the district getting foam tender soon.

Construction work of Bela and Bhagwanpur fire stations has not started in four years

Even after four years of the announcement of building a fire station in Bela Bhagwanpur, the construction work has not started. After the land has been identified in Bhagwanpur, soil testing has been done and the map has been sent to the Police Building Construction Department. At the same time, after the land has been identified in Bela, the process of NOC from Biada is stuck. After the opening of fire stations at both the places, some burden on Chandwara fire station will be reduced.

There is no ladder to extinguish fire above 30 feet height.

The number of multi-storey buildings in the city has increased rapidly. But, the fire department does not have a ladder to extinguish the fire by climbing at a height of more than 30 feet. The fire brigade has sent demands to the headquarters several times regarding the hydraulic platform. But, no one is listening.

In case of fire, give information on these numbers

  • Fire Officer 9835219718
  • District Assistant Fire Officer 9113130035
  • Motipur Fire Officer 8271972577
  • Fire Office 101, 06212247222
  • fire man 7485805840
  • fire man 7485805841
  • fire man 7485805842

The incidents of fire have increased in the district after March 15. All the blocks are included in hot spots regarding fire. A fire brigade team is already deployed there. The fire department has received two big fire engines. Besides, awareness campaigns are being run from villages to cities through mock drills and LEDs.

Trilok Nath Jha, District Fire Officer

Fire brigade team is running fire safety campaign in government schools, coaching centers and public places.

With the onset of summer, incidents of fire have started increasing in the district. Every day two to four fire calls are reaching Chandwara and Motipur fire stations. On the instructions of District Fire Officer Trilok Nath Jha, the fire brigade team is running awareness campaigns from city to village. On Wednesday, the fire brigade team visited government school students and coaching centers and gave them information about fire safety.

In rural areas, awareness regarding fire safety has been made at more than a dozen places including Baruraj, Motipur, Raksa Panchayat, Karja, Nariar, Saraiya, Deoria West of Paru, Primary School Bangra, Prakash Foot Production of Biada Phase II, Lakshmi Enterprises. . Awareness painting on hair will be done at 200 places in the district regarding fire safety. Till now painting has been done at more than 70 places. Apart from this, awareness slogans are being written on the walls at more than 150 squares and intersections. The District Fire Officer has formed two separate teams for this. Team members are going from village to village to make people aware about fire safety.

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