Mutual Funds:Mutual funds become the first choice of long term investors.

Mutual Funds: In recent times, the number of people investing in mutual funds and SIPs to get higher returns on their hard-earned money has increased rapidly. The trend of investment inflow has continued for the last 35 months. With this, the AUM of mutual funds has crossed Rs 52.74 lakh crore in the month of January. Earlier in the month of December, the AUM of mutual funds crossed Rs 50 lakh crore for the first time. According to the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi), investors have invested Rs 1,287 crore in large-cap mutual funds in January. This is the highest level of investment in 19 months. The surge in funds of small and medium companies has prompted them to book profits and their investment in large-caps has increased.

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Record made in SIP investment also

Investment in Mutual Funds through SIP is also continuously increasing. At the beginning of 2016, the number of active SIPs was around 10 million. Whereas, in the first month of this year, Rs 18,838 crore was invested in mutual funds through SIP. This is the largest figure of investment through SIP in any month. Earlier in the month of December, about Rs 17,610 crore was invested. According to the report, in the year 2023, Nippon India gave the highest return of 36.27 percent in the large cap category. Whereas, in the mid cap category, Quant Mid Cap Fund gave the highest return of 51.87 percent to the investors.

Mutual fund investment rally continues from 2021

A record trend of investment in Mutual Funds is being seen in the market since March 2021. In January this year, inflow of mutual funds increased by 8 percent to Rs 21,780 crore. Experts believe that investors are now demanding higher returns by taking more risks on their investment amount. On the other hand, due to the strength of the stock market, the enthusiasm of investors has increased a lot.

,Disclaimer: Investing in mutual funds, stock market or IPOs is subject to market risk. Before investing in any share, get complete information from a good financial advisor. We are not encouraging investment in any company.,

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