Multi modal hub will be connected to subway at Patna Junction by March, will get relief from the problem of jam.

Patna is going to get a big gift soon. smart City Under this, the work of multi-modal hub being built near GPO Golambar is expected to be completed by March 2024. Its work is going on in full swing under the Smart City Mission project. multi model hub It will also be connected to the subway, whose exit will be near Mahavir Temple near Patna Junction. Multi Model Hub is being built with four floors, whereas earlier the plan was to make it G Plus only. An additional Rs 13 crore is being spent by Patna Smart City to add two more floors in this multi-modal hub. After the new changes, its cost has increased from Rs 65 crore to Rs 78 crore 11 lakh. Let us tell you that with the completion of this scheme Patna JunctionThe problem of traffic jam in GPO Golambar and surrounding areas will be solved.

There will be parking arrangements for 100 additional vehicles

Whereas earlier there was to be parking for about 150 vehicles in the two-storey multi-modal hub, now 100 more vehicles can be parked there. There will be a bus stand on the ground floor, where about 32 buses can be parked simultaneously. Buses will run from here to different areas of the city.

Many facilities will be available in the hub

Along with this, many more facilities will be available here. Like e-charging point, cafeteria, ATM kiosk, ticket counter, waiting area etc. The Managing Director of PSC has assured the auto drivers that there will be stand facility for them in the multi-modal hub. Four wheelers and small vehicles will be installed on the upper floor.

Design of Multi Model Hub

Underground subway work will be completed by March

The work of underground subway from Multi Model Hub to Patna Junction is also going on at a fast pace under Smart City. The work of this scheme is expected to be completed by March. The total length of the subway is 440 meters. In this, a path of about 320 meters will go directly through the underground tunnel towards the main building of the junction and towards the south of Mahavir Temple. The remaining part will be above ground.

Escalator and automatic trebletator will be installed

Escalator will also be installed to go into the tunnel, which will be like an automatic trebletator (automatic ramp). This automatic travelator will be eight meters wide and people will be able to move by standing on it. Through this, people will directly reach the multi-modal hub from Patna Junction.

Width of subway exit point 14 meters

According to the information, the exit point of the subway Mahavir Temple And will be between railway engines. According to the present design, the width of the exit point is 14 meters. Due to its width there is a need to remove the engine. As per the current situation, there is no preparation from the Railways to remove the engine. Therefore, in view of the convenience of the passengers, work is being done on the suggestion of reducing the width of the exit point.

One lane road closed for sub-way construction

One lane near station Golambar has been closed for the construction of underground subway. Along with this, the road leading to GPO has also been made one way for a short distance. In such a situation, the routes coming out of Patna Junction became narrow for the passengers. Due to which a life-threatening situation is arising at the junction.

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