Mosquito outbreak increased in Dhanbad, people are worried, cold fogging machine worth Rs 1.5 crore has become a white elephant.

Dhanbad: Mosquito infestation has increased significantly in Dhanbad Municipal Corporation area of ​​Jharkhand. Because of this, be it night or day, people are never getting any peace. The Municipal Corporation is responsible for fogging in urban areas. But no concrete arrangements have been made for this. The extent is such that for the population of 15 lakhs in the urban area, the Municipal Corporation is doing fogging with only four hand sprays. Eight months ago, five cold fogging machines were purchased at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. The cold fogging machine did not work for hardly a month. Cold fogging machine has been closed for seven months. There are four hand sprays, due to which fogging is taking place in every ward on rotation. The machine is also so small that the medicine gets finished in hardly 20 minutes. Due to this, complete fogging is not happening in any ward.

No facilities even after tax
If we look at the figures of the corporation, hand spray costs Rs 2,000 a day and Rs 60,000 a month. The capacity of one hand spray is five litres. Can barely last for 20 minutes. In such a system, the people of the city cannot get rid of mosquitoes. City residents say that they pay regular taxes to the Municipal Corporation, but there is nothing in the name of facilities.

Cold fogging machine is closed due to CNG
Five cold fogging machines were purchased at a cost of Rs 1.5 crore. The company from which the machines have been purchased has to maintain them for one year. In August 2023, all five cold fogging machines were launched on the road. This machine runs by mixing water with chemicals. Cold fogging machines were seen in the city for barely a month after the inauguration. After this, the fogging machine is standing in the parking lot of the corporation. Citing that CNG is not available from the Municipal Corporation, they are talking about parking the vehicle. However, it is also being said that soon all cold fogging machines will be put on the roads.

Mosquito outbreak has increased
Mosquito outbreak has increased. The Municipal Corporation’s smoke van is not visible in the city. Municipal Corporation should take initiative on basic facilities. We pay regular taxes to the Municipal Corporation, but there is nothing in the name of facilities. In view of the mosquito outbreak, the Municipal Corporation should ensure regular fogging of the city.
Chetan Goenka, President District Chamber

Municipal Corporation’s fogging vehicle was not seen for five years. During the Corona period, fogging was done in the city by the Municipal Corporation. After the Corona period, the fogging vehicle of the Municipal Corporation was not seen. If the Municipal Corporation collects taxes, then basic facilities should also be taken care of. Fogging should be started in the city as soon as possible.
Lokesh Aggarwal, General Secretary, Bankmod Chamber

complaint regarding mosquitoes
Assistant Municipal Commissioner Santoshini Murmu said that complaints are coming from the people of the city regarding mosquitoes. At present fogging is being done in the city using hand spray. Five cold fogging machines have been purchased in August 2023. Due to some technical reasons the cold fogging machine was not being taken out. Now soon fogging will be done in the city with all the cold fogging machines.

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