Monthly Rashifal: December will be full of stress for Libra people, read monthly horoscope of career and love life.

Libra The native may have to face ups and downs in December, hence these natives will have to take special care of their health, otherwise they may be troubled by digestive and skin related problems, Rahu-Ketu as shadow planets this month. Will be present in the sixth and twelfth house respectively, which can provide better health by reducing negativity from their life. At the end of this month, Venus as the zodiac lord will be in a favorable position, as a result of which the natives will be blessed with good health. And these people can be seen resting. The transit of Jupiter in your seventh house will help the natives to maintain good health during this month.

career: People of Libra zodiac will get good results in the field of career. Due to the auspicious effects of Jupiter, these people will be able to achieve excellent results in their job. The position of Venus as the lord of your zodiac will be favourable, as a result of which they are likely to get benefits like promotion in career and increase in salary. Those who are into business will get a boost in business during this month. This month, Jupiter will be in a favorable position, due to which there are chances of good profits. Natives may get new opportunities to do business, which will prove beneficial for them. These people are advised to avoid doing business in any new area.

Love Life: People of Libra zodiac will get good results. Because the beneficial planet Jupiter will have auspicious effect on the Moon sign. Venus, the planet of love, will be in an auspicious position, due to which only happiness will be visible in the relationship. People who are married will have a happy life. Mars, as the lord of the second and seventh houses, will be in an inauspicious position, due to which these people may have to face problems in relationships due to lack of mutual coordination. This month you may find it a bit difficult to maintain sweetness in love relationships and this time will not be suitable for getting married. People who are already married will feel lack of love in their relationship this month due to lack of mutual understanding and coordination. At the end of this month, happiness can be seen in love and married life.

Lucky number: 18

Auspicious colour: Purple

Advice: Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily. Perform Yagya-Havan for Rahu-Ketu on Tuesday.

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