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Monthly Rashifal April: The financial condition of Taurus people will be good.

Monthly Rashifal April: Everyone wants to know how the month of April is going to be for us. How will it be for me and my family, whether my business will progress or not or whether I will have to face new problems or not, etc. Many types of thoughts surround our mind. Astrologer Sanjit Kumar Mishra has analyzed your zodiac sign and horoscope keeping in mind the influence and movement of various planets and constellations. So let us know how the month of April will be for Taurus people.

family life

People with Taurus zodiac sign will have to run around in family life. You will be busy with work. Meetings with family and friends will continue. Devguru Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are present in the tenth house. The lord of your wealth is Mercury which is situated in the twelfth house of the horoscope, due to which there will be ups and downs in your family life. You will not appear satisfied in any way. You will have to face problems in many ways. At this time, do not get involved in unnecessary things. Answer someone’s words thoughtfully. Your financial condition will be better this month. You will save money appropriately.

business and job

The month of April is going to be a bit difficult for businessmen, Mars is sitting with Saturn in the tenth house, business will not run properly. People who have done business in partnership will be stressed about the business, they may have to make old and new payments in the business. Your financial situation will not be favourable. After April 23, Mars will transit in your tenth house due to which you will get a lot of profit in business at this time. You can expand your business. People working will get great happiness. Due to Saturn being in the tenth house, those who want to change to a new job will get success. Difficulties in job will increase from 23rd April. Be patient at this time.

Education and career

This month will be mixed for students. Students studying primary education will have to work hard. Time will be very good for students pursuing higher education. Those who want to study Electronics or Electric, their dream will be fulfilled. Those who want to go abroad and study will get success. If you move forward without thinking, there will be progress in your career. There will be problems in your career in the beginning of the month. There will be a lot of progress in your career from the last week. People who are looking for a new job will get success.

love life

You will have to face some problems in your love life. Your mental condition will not be good in matters of love. Ketu is in your fifth house, Sun is aspecting Venus and Rahu and Mars are there. There will be tension with your lover on small matters. Lovers should stay together with their partner, talk to the lover, those who are in a living relationship will have to be cautious. There will be problems in married life. The conjunction of Mars with Saturn will create problems in married life. Those who are unmarried will have to wait a little. ,


You should be conscious of your health. Due to the aspect of Rahu, Sun, Venus and Mars in your eleventh house, you will have to face stomach related problems. You will feel weakness in the body. At this time you should rest as much as possible.

  • Lucky number: 9
  • Lucky Colour: Brown


  • worship lord ganesh daily
  • Worship Lord Vishnu, you will get benefits.

Astrologer Sanjeet Kumar Mishra
Astrology Vastu and Gemstone Expert

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