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Monthly Rashifal April: Aries people will get profit in business

Monthly Rashifal April 2024 : The month of April has started. In such a situation, everyone wants to know how this month will be for them. Will this month bring happiness and success or will it be full of challenges and difficulties? Astrologer Sanjeet Kumar Mishra has brought for you the horoscope for April 2024. In this horoscope, he has made predictions for every zodiac sign by analyzing the movements of various planets and constellations.

family life

Family life of Aries people is going to be good. Mars and Saturn are in your eleventh house. The fourth aspect of Mars is on the second house, which will cause discord with relatives, you will have to control your speech. Rahu, Jupiter and Mercury are present in the twelfth house, family life is favourable. There will be no support from brothers and sisters. You will remain financially weak. Your plan will go wrong and you will have to face many problems. On April 14, the Sun will enter Aries. Your family life will be happy from this day onwards. Confusion in the family. The deficiency will be removed. Your father’s health will not be good, get him treated on time.

business and job

This month is going to be good for the people of Aries who do business, business will do well as the seventh aspect of Jupiter falls on the seventh house. If you have done retail or wholesale business then you will get good profits and have applied for loan for business. it will pass. If you want to make new investment in business then you will get profit. But the expense will also be a lot. Saturn will give good benefits to employed people, your workplace will be strong, your work will be appreciated. Your honesty will become your identity. From April 9, there will be conflicts with officials and there will be some obstacles in the work area.

Education and career

You will progress in the field of education. Those who are studying media or digital marketing will make good progress. You should not get too excited at this time. Take decisions wisely in the field of education. People who are studying in college will have to face some problems. Take decisions thoughtfully. Your performance will be good in the field of education. People who are preparing for competitive exams will get positive results. You will progress in your career. Your career will be favorable due to Saturn. There will be improvement in the work area. There will be a change in your way of working. Those who are looking for a new job will have to wait for a while.

love life

Talking about love relationships, there will be an increase in love relationships. Due to the presence of Venus and Rahu, your lover will be angry with you but you can form a new relationship. Due to Saturn sitting in the eleventh house of Mars, there will be unnecessary arguments with lovers and people who are in live-in relationships. They need to be careful. Jupiter is sitting in the center and looking at the seventh house, due to which your married life will be happy. In the last week of the month, Mars will transit in Pisces, after which your married life will be favourable. Your lover will also be happy. For those who are unmarried, discussions regarding marriage will move forward.


Health will not be good this month. Your health will not be good due to Mars sitting with Saturn in the eighth house. You will have to face stomach related problems. You may be troubled with your legs or waist. After April 23, you will have to be careful while driving. On eating habits. Take control.

  • Lucky number: 3
  • Lucky Colour: Gray


  • Recite Bajrang Baan along with Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  • It will be beneficial to help the poor on Saturday.

Astrologer Sanjeet Kumar Mishra
Astrology Vastu and Gemstone Expert


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