MLA Chetan Anand told the reason for the break in RJD

Before the Lok Sabha elections in Bihar, the process of break in the Grand Alliance is not showing any sign of stopping. Since the formation of the NDA government in the state, seven MLAs have switched sides and joined the ruling party. On Friday also an RJD MLA changed sides and joined NDA. Now RJD MLA Chetan Anand, who has rebelled against this matter, has launched a strong attack on Tejashwi Yadav’s party outside the Assembly. He said that no one is questioning the MLAs within the party, no one listens to them, that is why there is disintegration in the party.

Three reasons for break in RJD: Chetan Anand

MLA Chetan Anand has said that there is a split in RJD because of three people. The first one to drink is Manoj Jha, apart from this Sanjay Yadav and Pritam are included. These people are continuously acting arbitrarily. Because of this, many MLAs of the party are angry with the leadership. This is the reason why there is continuous disintegration in Rashtriya Janata Dal and there will be disintegration in future also.

People are unhappy in the party: Chetan Anand

Chetan Anand said that we had already said that people are unhappy in the party. The game is still pending. Let’s see what happens next. When the journalists asked him which party he was in now, he replied that yes, he is in the ruling party.

I was abused because I was a Dalit: Sangeeta Kumari

MLA Sangeeta Kumari, who had turned against RJD, also accused RJD on Friday and said that she was abused in RJD because she was a Dalit. Even after being an MLA, she was not able to take decisions even at the Panchayat level. Because of this there was trouble there.

MLAs are coming impressed by the work of Prime Minister and Chief Minister: Lacey Singh

At the same time, former minister Lacey Singh said that the MLAs who are coming to play a role in the defection of opposition MLAs are impressed by the work of the Prime Minister and Nitish Kumar. Singh said that this time an effort is being made to run the session in an orderly manner. to be done. But the biggest disappointment was that for the first time in history the opposition leader did not discharge his responsibilities. He had to stay in the assembly and raise public problems and give suggestions to the government. But due to this, he was holding a public meeting in the area. From this it appears that the opposition has nothing to do with the public problems of Bihar.

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