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Mini Shimla Simultala of Bihar, it is called the fort of kothis

Simultala of Jamui district is known for its beauty. It is known as Mini Shimla of Bihar. The climate here is so good that in earlier times people used to come here to migrate. The reason for this was that people used to come here and take health benefits. At that time, people had built their own huts in Simultala and people used to come and reside in those huts. And this is the reason why Simultala is also called the fort of huts, but there are many stories of the huts here. Swami Vivekananda had also stayed here at one time.

Dulari Bhawan here is famous as a haunted place.

Nowadays, people have started preferring to go to haunted places for sightseeing. Starting from Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan, there are many such places in the country which are called haunted, and a large number of people come to visit here. There is a similar building in Simultala of Jamui which is known as haunted house on the internet. There are inverted footprints on the wall here and people claim that in the evening the sounds of crying and screaming come from here. Although we are not able to confirm how much truth is there in all this, but this story is told in the rural areas here and people are also prohibited from going here after the evening.

Hand and foot prints on the walls of Dulari Bhavan Hand and foot prints on the walls of Dulari Bhavan Hand and foot prints on the walls of Dulari Bhawan

This city of Bihar is called the city of huts.

Simultala of Jamui district is known for its natural beauty. There are many huts and forts here, hence it is also called the city of huts of Bihar. Impressed by the picturesque climate here, people from Bengal to Bangladesh and many different countries had built their forts, which still exists today. There are many such mansions located in Simultala including Naldonga House, Ramakrishna Math, Senbari, Pal Villa, Tara Math, Mukherjee Villa, DN Sarkar Fort, which show how great people used to come here.

Belur Math was going to be built in Simultala itself.

Impressed by the beauty of Simultala, Swami Vivekananda also stayed here for a long time. Swami Vivekananda came to Simultala in the year 1887 and 1889 and stayed here. He had said that the climate of Simultala is one of the better climates and that is why Swamiji wanted to establish Belur Math in Simultala itself. Complete preparations for this were also done.

But at that time, transportation in Simultala was not so easy and due to it being a forested area, there was a danger of predatory creatures. For this reason Belur Math was established in Kolkata. However, Brahmanand Maharaj, the first president of Belur Math, tried to realize this effort of Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna Math was established here in the year 1919, which is still present here.

You can still live in huts

Many of the old huts in Simultala have been kept alive even today. These rooms have been converted into hotels by painting and repairing them. Where people can still live today. If you are thinking of visiting Simultala, then you can enjoy staying in the cottages here and for this you will have to spend very less money. If the local people are to be believed, they will have to be contacted in advance regarding all these cells.

It was the soldiers who murdered the king here.

The famous Naldanga House is still situated in Simultala. Although it is in a dilapidated condition. This house used to be the residence of the king of Nal-Donga community of Bangladesh. There are many stories prevalent here about this fort. It is said that the soldiers themselves had killed their king.

In fact, at that time the king was so worried about his safety that he had told his soldiers that if the king did not respond from inside the room even after giving three calls, then he should be shot. One day the king was feeling suspicious and the soldiers called him. When he did not respond even after calling three times, the soldiers shot Raja dead. It is said that this Naldanga House used to have 100 rooms and 100 doors.

How to reach Simultala

There are many different routes to reach Simultala. If you are coming from any airport then the nearest airport is in Deoghar, where you can get down and reach Simultala by train or road. If you want, you can also get down from Patna Airport and reach Simultala by train or road. From Patna by train, you will have to go to Simultala railway station, where you can get down and go to Simultala and its distance will be around 200 kilometers.

The distance of Simultala by road is also about 200 kilometers from Patna. From Patna via Jamui you can reach Simultala via Jhajha. If you have reached Deoghar, then Simultala railway station is about 20 minutes away from Jasidih from Deoghar. If you want to come by road, then you can reach Simultala from Deoghar by traveling a distance of 38 kilometers.

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