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Migrants gathered to return after Chhath, even if they enter the train, it is difficult to sit on the reserved seat…

One has to work hard to return to work after Chhath. All the trains originating from and passing through Patna Junction are packed and there is no space in them for the next 15 days. Crowd of passengers was seen at Patna Junction on Thursday. In the afternoon, the crowd suddenly increased on platform numbers one and four, due to which there was chaos for some time. Passengers were seen struggling to enter 12367 Vikramshila Express on platform number four and Patna-Ernakulam Express standing on platform number one. Even if the passengers entered these two trains, despite reservation in the train, no reserved seat was vacant.

10 times more passengers entered than the seats

The crowd of passengers in Vikramshila Express was so high that 10 times more passengers were already seated than the seats. Not only this, the walking area below, the bogie gate, window and toilet were also full. Many people risked their lives and got hanged on the doors of trains. A similar scene was seen in trains like Magadh Express, Sampoorna Kranti, Shramjeevi, Rajendra Nagar-LTT, Buddha Purnima, Sanghamitra, Patliputra LTT, Danapur-Secunderabad etc. On the other hand, due to heavy crowd, many people missed their train. Railway police personnel have been deployed to control the extra crowd. But only food is being supplied. After the announcement of the train, many passengers were seen crossing the tracks and going from one platform to another.

There are vacant seats in these trains today and tomorrow

Train number and train opening time

03635 Gaya-Anand Vihar 14:15

02245 Patna-New Delhi 19:00

02249 Patna-New Delhi 09:00

02353 Patna-Anand Vihar 16:00

04065 Patna-Anand Vihar 17:45

04001 Patna-Anand Vihar 19:15

03134 Patna-Kolkata 14:30

09818 Danapur-Kota 11:45

09344 Danapur-Indore 21:30

09448 Patna-Ahmedabad 22:30

03227 Ara-Anand Vihar 15:45

02247 Patna-Anand Vihar 19:10

02351 Patna-Anand Vihar 16:00

02391 Patna-Anand Vihar 22:20

02365 Rajgir-Anand Vihar 20:00

Special trains running on 25th

Train No. 01410 Danapur: Lokmanya Tilak Terminal Special train will depart from Danapur at 18:15.

Train No. 0946 Patna: Udhna Special train will depart from Patna at 13:05.


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