Migrants gathered at Patna Junction, more than 52 thousand passengers departed from more than five dozen trains.

Patna. The Brahmaputra Mail going from Kamakhya to Delhi was so crowded on Wednesday that there was no space to even step in the general coach, sleeper and AC of the train. The passengers were forced to travel by somehow making space at the toilet door. Along with this, on Wednesday also there was a crowd of passengers going after celebrating Chhath in many major trains at Patna Junction. More than five dozen trains passed from Patna to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ranchi, Amritsar, Bandra, Kota and Mumbai, carrying more than 52 thousand migrant passengers. Of these, five percent people returned due to not getting seats and crowd, while some left by special trains.

Car in the parking lot, out of order

In view of the huge crowd of passengers at Patna Junction, the Railways and the district administration have refused to park four-wheelers in the main parking. An order has been issued to park the vehicle in GPO Golambar parking till next 27th November. Despite this, vehicles were being parked. However, the railway police deployed in the parking also took action against some vehicle owners. On the other hand, in view of the crowd, officers and soldiers have been deployed in three shifts at more than a dozen major posts of the junction.

It’s okay if the platform is changed

Railway officials have given strict instructions to the junction personnel to ensure that there is no stampede due to increasing crowd pressure. According to this, instructions have been given to run the train on the platform which has already been allotted. If there is a need to change the platform under special circumstances, then it will have to be announced 30 minutes in advance, so that a situation of panic among the passengers does not arise.

Now free food will be provided to the passengers

Railways has taken a good initiative for the convenience of passengers. Trains coming from other districts of Bihar or opening from related stations at Patna Junction, Danapur and Rajendra Nagar, especially Sampoornakranti, Magadh, Rajendra Nagar-LTT, Patliputra-LTT, Danapur-Pune, Danapur-Secunderabad, Patna-Hatia Express etc. Free food packets are being provided to the passengers. For this, Railways has contacted social work organizations and businessmen. At the same time, according to railway experts, this Chhath rush will last for 10 days.

suffering of passengers

– Even after purchasing the ticket four months ago, the seat was not confirmed. Now we will be forced to travel sitting near toilets and corridors.

  • Om Prakash, traveler

– The crowd in trains is so high that even after making reservation, full seats are not available. In fact, the crowd is so huge that four people are sitting on one seat.

  • MD Seraj, Passenger.

Along with sitting on the seat, the biggest problem is with the luggage, because there is no space to keep the luggage under the seat. In such a situation, there is a fear that the goods might be stolen.

  • – Kavita Kumari

– Special trains are not running on time. Due to delay of special train, I am traveling in Brahmaputra Mail. As soon as the tickets were opened four months ago, we had booked the tickets, hence the seats are confirmed. However, passengers with confirmed tickets are facing problems due to the crowd.

  • Anshul Kumar, traveler

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