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Maserati refutes Gautam Singhania’s allegations, know what is the whole matter

New Delhi : India’s industrialist Gautam Singhania recently accused the social media platform X (Twitter) of the supercar MC 20, launched at the end of 2021, that instead of roaming on the roads of India, this supercar is standing in the garage. He wrote on Twitter that I had bought Maserati’s car, in return I got only lemon. Supercar maker Maserati has denied this allegation of Gautam Singhania.

Italian luxury automaker Maserati has refuted industrialist and Raymond Group MD Gautam Singhania’s allegation that its new supercar MC20 is a potential driver killer, according to media reports. The supercar was slated to be introduced by the OEM in 2021, which can reach speeds of over 325 kmph. Car enthusiast Gautam Singhania was also one of the buyers of this supercar.

What is Gautam Singhania’s allegation

Gautam Singhania, MD, Raymond Group, during a recent interaction with reporters at a company event, described the Maserati MC20 supercar as the worst of his life. Along with this, he also cautioned the drivers, calling it dangerous. He said that I paid for a Maserati, but got only a lemon instead. The company has blamed the Indian road for this. Earlier, industrialist Gautam Singhania expressed his anger on Twitter and asked the company to appoint a test driver for the safety of the model.

The company is not accepting its shortcomings

Gautam Singhania has claimed that the car manufacturer is not ready to accept its shortcomings. He said that I believe that Maserati MC20 is a dangerous car in true sense. He appealed to Indian authorities and consumer courts to look into the matter.

Singhania launches GS Design

According to media reports, Gautam Singhania formally launched GS Designs, a new subsidiary of Supercar Club Garage. When the media questioned him about the commercial potential of the design, he said that he had 20 orders within 10 days of the soft launch, which is not a bad start at all. He said that he had more than 25 people in the Supercar Club garage and now he has more than 250 people. Looking at the number of existing orders, he has also predicted an increase in the number of people.

what the company said

Responding to Gautam Singhania’s post on Twitter, Maserati said, “Hello, sorry to hear about your bad experience. At Maserati, our customers are our top priority. We would like to address your concern. Please send us a private message with detailed description so that we can resolve your issue at the earliest.

Maserati launches new supercar

Let us tell you that in the Monterey Car Week 2023 held in California, USA, Italian car manufacturer Maserati has introduced its new McExtreme. Earlier this supercar was known as Project 24. The McXtremea is based on the Mc12, but now as a track vehicle only. This means that the McXtremea will not be able to drive on any road like normal cars. It has its own separate club and the company has made it only for 62 members of the club. To top it all, only 62 units of the McXtreme will be produced, which are already sold out.


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