Many flights of Patna are getting canceled these days, dozens of planes are arriving late, know the reason and the new schedule of the airport..

Patna Airport Flight News: The operations of flights to and from Patna are affected these days. Many flights are still getting canceled due to weather. Air passengers flying from Patna are facing a lot of problems these days. Flights are being canceled every day. Whereas more than 12 pairs of planes reaching Patna are arriving late every day. In such a situation, the problems of passengers have increased.

Three pairs of flights canceled, 13 pairs of aircraft arrived late

Due to fog and operational reasons, three pairs of flights to and from Patna were canceled on Friday, while 13 pairs of flights arrived late. The first flight to be canceled was that of Flybig Airlines coming from Guwahati. SpiceJet flight coming from Bengaluru at 8 pm and Indigo flight going to Delhi at 8.45 pm were also cancelled. Along with this, 13 pairs of aircraft arrived late. Of these, the delay in two pairs was more than an hour. The most delayed flight was SpiceJet flight SG8184 arriving from Delhi at 2 pm. It arrived five hours late at seven in the evening and returned with almost the same delay. SpiceJet’s SG8721 coming from Delhi was delayed by one hour and five minutes from the scheduled time.

Flights were canceled on Friday..

flight number route

  • SG8939- Guwahati

  • 6E2482 – Delhi

  • SG531-Bengaluru

Two pairs of flights canceled on Thursday, 14 pairs of planes arrived late

A day earlier on Thursday also, two pairs of flights coming and going from Patna were cancelled. The first flight to be canceled was that of Indigo Airlines coming from Delhi at 10:10 am. The flight coming from Bengaluru and then the flight going there were also canceled at 8 pm. Along with this, 14 pairs of aircraft arrived and departed late, out of which five pairs of aircraft were delayed by more than an hour, while nine aircraft arrived and departed late by less than an hour.

New flight schedule implemented, know the changes..

Due to the new flight schedule (revised winter schedule) coming into effect from Thursday, flights will start arriving and departing from 7:55 am instead of 9:55 am. The first flight coming from Delhi will be 6E2123. IndiGo flight 6E713 from Kolkata at 9:10 am and IndiGo flight 6E6364 from Chandigarh at 9:20 am also started from Thursday, which was stopped from December 15. Along with this, Indigo’s flight to Bhubaneswar and Flybig’s flight to Guwahati also started. In the new schedule, the number of scheduled aircraft has increased from 31 pairs to 37 pairs and it will remain in force till February 29.

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