Manoj Bajpayee was inspired by Raj Babbar and Naseer Sahab, used to imitate Guru Dutt and Sanjeev Kumar in his childhood.

National Award winning actor Manoj Bajpayee’s thriller film ‘Zoram’ is releasing on December 8. For the promotion of this film, Manoj reached Patna on Tuesday with the film’s director Devashish Makhija, where he was given a grand welcome. During this, while talking to the journalists at Hotel Maurya in Patna with full energy, he appealed to watch the film ‘Zoram’. During this, while sharing his feelings, he said that when we come to Patna, the people here always give us a lot of love and respect. I am very happy to be here, this is my home. After Hotel Maurya, he told about his film and film journey in the office of BollywoodWallah. Read some excerpts from the conversation with Manoj Bajpayee…

Knew since childhood that I wanted to become an actor

Manoj Bajpayee said that he is one of those lucky people who know from childhood what they want to do when they grow up. Talking about his childhood, Manoj says that he knew in the sixth class that he was interested in acting. He used to go to the room and watch Guru Dutt and Sanjeev Kumar’s films instead of acting in them. He told that reading the interviews of Raj Babbar and Naseer Sahab inspired him to pursue a career in acting. He had decided to become an actor at the age of 17. But, he wanted to learn this craft well before moving forward in this field. So he went to Delhi.

Did theater in Mandi House for 10 years

Manoj Bajpayee, who came to Delhi to improve his acting, did theater in Mandi House for 10 years. He says that Delhi has a big contribution in his life. Whatever I learned, I learned there. Carried it forward in Mumbai. He said that it is very important to have correct language and correct diction in acting. Therefore he practiced speaking grammar correctly. Also read Russian and Chinese literature. Meanwhile, tried to get admission in NSD thrice, but was rejected all three times.

The guards of the producers and directors did not allow them to meet him.

After doing theater in Delhi for 10 years, Manoj Bajpayee got the offer of Bandit Shekhar Kapur’s Bandit Queen film. When he reached Mumbai from Delhi, he saw long queues outside the houses and offices of producers and directors. His guards did not allow him to meet him. If you get rejected eight to ten times in a row, you start losing confidence in yourself. The first five years of Mumbai were very stressful days. Like a nightmare, where I was getting rejection after rejection continuously. But, these rejections made me much stronger. Many times I had to sleep hungry.

Rejection makes a man stronger: Manoj

While narrating the story of shooting a serial in Mumbai, Manoj said that he was rejected in Mumbai also. During the shooting of a serial, a director had asked his assistant, what should be done with this? He is neither worthy of a hero nor a villain. I think rejection makes a man stronger. But that person has to be determined that despite being rejected, he will continue to do whatever he wants.

What is the story of Joram?

Manoj Bajpayee and Zoram film director Devashish Makheja told during this time that the story of the film Zoram is based on the tribal life of Jharkhand. In this film, the struggle of the tribals displaced from water, forest and land has been presented with great seriousness. There is also a character of a three-month-old girl who does not know how to speak yet and her father whose throat is strangulated and cannot speak. This is a unique story of communication between father and daughter. It was shot in the area of ​​Jharkhand. Regarding the shooting, he told that with a three month old girl.

Manoj also told about future projects

Manoj Bajpayee told that he is shooting a series killer for Netflix. This series with Konkana Sen Sharma will come by January. Along with this, work is going on on Silence 2 for G5. A main stream film Bhaiyya Ji will also be released by 24th May, in which I am also the producer. Its shooting has been done in Lucknow. Along with this, I am starting the shooting of Amazon Prime’s Family Man 3 from March. During this, he said that there are more projects, which will be known as they come.

‘Zoram’ releasing on 8th December

Directed, written by Devashish Makhija and produced by Shariq Patel, Ashima Awasthi Choudhary, Anupama Bose and Devashish Makhija, ‘Zoram’ stars Manoj Bajpayee alongside Zeeshan Ayyub, under the cinematic vision of Piyush Putti and the editing expertise of Abhro Banerjee. The soul-stirring music is composed by Mangesh Dhakade. A collaborative effort between Zee Studios and Makhija Films, ‘Zoram’ is set to be a cinematic milestone that fans and critics alike are eagerly awaiting and is set to release on December 8.

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