Mamata Banejee: Mamata Banerjee will provide 100 days work to 21 lakh people from March 1, MNREGA funds

In West Bengal, workers deprived of 100 days of employment i.e. MNREGA scheme will get the outstanding wages not on 21st February but on the 1st of March. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee (Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, Gave this information in the assembly. Job card holders of the state have not received money from the central government under the MNREGA scheme. In such a situation, the Chief Minister himself has taken the initiative to pay the dues of the workers. He had earlier announced to give money from 21st February. But now the date has been changed. Why the sudden change in date? Regarding this, Mamata said that the number of deprived workers is not 21 lakh, the survey has revealed that the number of deprived workers is 24 lakh. Therefore the date of sending money has been changed.

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